It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

“voluntary” and “a valuable and fun learning experience” my ass!

I HATED selling those fuckers. My mom was the troop leader (another source of much childhood trauma - Girl Scouts wasn’t supposed to be fun, it was supposed to be yet another area where her little darling achieved). There was no chance of her selling them for me at work. No, no, I had to do it myself - I’d walk door to door in the immediate neighborhood and then she’d haul my reluctant ass around for miles around. The worst thing about Girl Scout cookies is that you have to do everything twice - once to take the orders, once to deliver.

I’m pretty lucky that no pedophiles lived in my neighborhood, because I did do lots of the legwork alone in my cute little jumper and sash and beret and kneesocks, and I’ve had these boobs since about the 5th grade. Fortunately we did have a local drug kingpin down the street (currently serving time). He was always happy to launder money through my Girl Scout Cookie, Band Box-O-Crap, French Club Advent Calendar, or Soccer Team Candy Bar enterprises - soon I learned to just go straight there in order to meet my quota. I’d spend the rest of the afternoon down by the pond and come home being able to say truthfully “Yeah, I sold them all.” Of course, then I knew him as “the nice rich guy with the big swimming pool and 4 motorcycles in his living room.”

And what is it with these companies that manufacture and push products for school fundraisers? Is there some Future Amway Salespeople of America Club? “Get them meeting sales goals while they are young and cute, by the time the graduate, they’ll be unstoppable! If they can push this crap, they can push anything! Mwhaahahahahahahahah!”

In D.C., I could never leave a metro station without some 11-year-old selling chocolates for new football uniforms for his school. What kind of degrading, piece-of-shit way to spend time is that? “Hey kid, take this box of chocolates downtown to where all the rich people work. Their guilty consciences are a goldmine!” It’s not like the kids see any of the money for their hard work. Someday when I have money I’m gonna sponser a goddamned soccer team just so those particular 15 kids don’t have to spend their youth selling CRAP.

[sub]So, anyone know anyone selling thin mints? Dude, seriously, hook me up. I’m dying here.[/sub]

While in college many moons ago, there was a little girl that would set up a table in the lobby of the cafeteria. She sold the crap out of those cookies.

::unlocks the filing cabinet and removes the last sleeve::

Here scout, have a couple of thin mints. I always order at least a half dozen boxes. That way I always have at least one sleeve for each month.

Ah, jesuslynch, true to (part) of your name, you are a godsend!!!

Thankfully those Girl Scout cookies are damn good. Sounds like lots of us are a bit irritated to have so many people selling them. But…when you get so addicted to them & they are only available seasonally…we’ll do what we must to get our fix.

Even though this is the Pit, I’m gonna keep this one civil. You never know who reads this from your place of work.

A few people have Girl Scout cookie order forms hanging from their cube walls. One even tacked it up in the breakroom. No problem with that at all. Company policy prevents going from desk-to-desk or mass-mailing to solicit funds or purchases. If you don’t want it, no worries.

Until yesterday, when the CEO mailed to ALL letting us know that his daughter was a Girl Scout and the order form for her cookies was at his secretary’s desk.

Ok, sir. I’m happy that your daughter is a Girl Scout. I’m also very sure that she does not want for money, especially with the stock options that have been exercised. But you should NOT be above the policy regarding soliciting funds.

I was VERY tempted to reply to his message, cc’ing ALL, and pitching Amway. “If he says it’s okay to spam people and beg for money, then I’ll do the same.”

And know what? It made me resolve NOT to buy from your daughter. I’m sure she’s a good girl, but there are other girls selling their goods. I’ll go buy from one of them, just to spite you.

[sub]And oh god peanut butter patties and oh god thin mints I keep them in my car sweet god they’re great except for the box of peanut butter patties that somehow slipped under the front passenger seat and then would melt in the hot sun and solidify in the cool night and repeat ad infinitum until I found them.[/sub]

[sub]In fact, they tasted pretty good … I think I’ll buy a box and try to recreate that.[/sub]

Contrary to poular belief, there is no cookie “season.”

At least not nationwide. Different areas sell at different times. I count on a dozen boxes from Maryland every Christmas to get me through the winter.

Word to the wise…

Not all Thin Mints are created equal.

I always place my bigger orders with girls who sell Little Brownie Bakery cookies.


At my college they come right into the halls and sell them door to door, generally around 4:30 PM- 4:50 seem to be the peak time.
I also think I saw one sniffing under a door before knocking first. Hey, at least they know the right market to see to.

There was a form here at work in the kitchen, but I didn’t know whose it was so I didn’t know who to give the money to. Oh well… I wanted some Tagalongs too…

Not allowed to sell door-to-door? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? How insane!

desperately longing for some cookies

The Top Secret Recipe site has two recipes for Girl Scout cookies, for shortbread and thin mint. The thin mint ones refer back to another recipe on the site, for “improved version of Nabisco Oreo,” and it makes 108 cookies!

I like GS cookies, but I hate all the other junk sold at fundraisers. I want people to get a clue, and start offering the option to just donate a dollar. “Would you like to buy a roll of giftwrap for our fundraiser? Or you could just give me a dollar.” They’d clean up.


I bow down at your feet. You are my hero.

You have delivered the holy grail of baking to us all.
I will be passing this recipe on to “The one who cooks” in my house and will report back to you on our success.
Thank you.

Cookie mom for Troop 5270 checking in here. Personally I hated selling cookies as a kid. My parents didn’t work at places where they could get orders, so I always was the kid who sold the least. I made sure to tell all the scouts that I didn’t care how many they sold. And if they didn’t want to sell any at all, that was okay too.

We’ll sell 300 boxes or more selling outside of grocery stores the first of March. That’s the easy way to make $$$ if you ask me. No pressure to buy (we stand off to the side) and they sell themselves.

Our troop earned $1100 this year.

I’m finding it quite amusing to read everyone’s descriptions of these harmless little girls and their cookies, and imagining them as pushers providing product to adult junkies.


I wonder if Bush’s new funding plan will include support for groups that help people break the cookie habit…

At a small consulting firm, the VP of Finance had the payroll dept. staple a memo to everyone’s pay stubs. The memo was a manipulative request for the employees to “give back to the community” by buying his daughter’s Girl Scout cookies. An order form was also attached, “for our convenience”.

As if that weren’t bad enough, those of us who didn’t order got friendly reminders when we passed the jackass in the hallway. I never did order any – even though I dearly love those vanilla Oreo-type cookies.

Oh, and though I wouldn’t know a Thin Mint from a wafer of asbestos, I’m suddenly craving them something fierce. Thanks, guys.:smiley:

I remember the cartoonist Lynda Barry was on David Letterman once recounting how her troop leader would assign each girl to bring an expensive cut of meat to a cookout. The troop leader would then put the meat in her freezer and feed all the girls hot dogs. She says that not only did the leader abscond with the cookie money, she took off with the cookies too! (Bear in mind in the olden days when I was a kid, you took PRE-ORDERS for your cookies, then had to go back around and deliver them. Is it still that way?)

My experience wasn’t that bad, but we didn’t get to take our trip to Great America that we’d been saving our dues for all year because my troop leader needed to make a payment on her new Cadillac. Sheesh!

What the devil do they put into those Thin Mints? I see I’m not the only one who’s addicted!

I hate them because I love them so much!
It’s worse than crack…

I live in a small-ish town. Every weekend, without question, there are card tables set up in front of the local stupidmarkets. Pop Warner football, local cheerleading groups, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scout selling cookies, etc. Homeless Shelter scammers. Everything.

Aside from the Boy Scouts, who recoiled in total horror ( I said, Look, my kids’ day care providers are a lesbian couple-which is true-. You want to hear more? ) when I confronted them, I either ignore or toss in .50 cents.

I would MUCH rather see kids being manipulated in front of a crowded supermarket by their parents/coaches/den moms than out there hawking door to door. It’s not 1955. It’s not even 1975. The streets, as a whole, are simply not as safe as they once were. Personal opinion, this is the Pit, don’t ASK me for statistics. :rolleyes:

Aside from that, I love the peanut butter cookies. Deeply. I dated a box pf Peanut Butter cookies once, but she was Kosher Orthodox, and I was Reformed, and it didn’t work out. I don’t want to talk about it, it’s just too painful. :smiley:


There was a state legislator in the paper this week who had passed the cookie order form inside the state senate chambers during a session. As chairman of something or other he must have had clout, because 80% of the people there bought something.

Those cookies have coconut and rape seed oil and all kinds of nasty shit in ‘em. They are SO good! I jacked one of those little rodents for a whole box of assorted cookies one time and the tenacious little shnibber was desperately holding onto my leg while I attempted to run away. I am halfway to my car and the bespectacled, sweet-smelling, wild-eyed pudgy dwarf was hurling invective like a stevedore, and she then clamped down on my haunch with her perfect little incisors. She was a veritable mole on crack. Soon a crowd gathered and half the houseives in town began beating me senseless with their oversized freakin’ Fendi bags. I pulled a six month bid in county jail and the judge conspiratorially winked at me and said he understood perfectly. Listen; if you guys could just send me a few boxes until I get out I swear…