It's hard to see the difference between "Oct 17" and "Oct '17"

The way that the dates are written to show when a post was made can cause confusion. Sometimes an old thread started years ago, lets say on October 3, 2018, gets bumped. Then the posting date shows as “Oct '18.”

But then the new posts show as, for example, “Oct 18.”

It would be much clearer if the previous-year posts were written as “Oct 2018.”

People have been complaining about this for several months.

No response on it, though.

Thanks! I looked a little to see if it was already covered, but obviously I didn’t look hard enough. (Actually I did not want to start a whole new thread for this relatively small thing, but I didn’t see a good alternative.)

It’s a rather strange oversight. So much of Discourse’s user interface shows impeccable attention to detail. This is a surprising exception.

Consider yourself lucky that it’s not grayed-out by design, like the hot “edit this post” button.

This seems to have nothing to do with Discourse itself, but with the themes.

The themes have been edited a few times before, and it would be helpful to change this too.

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one confused about the dates…

I don’t understand the reluctance to just use the entire date. I have quite a bit of experience reading dates, and I manage to read dates that include the day just as fast as dates with only the month and year. What possible benefit is there to leaving that out?

I think this is one reason a lot of zombies are getting bumped. People see “October-06” and think it means the thread was only two weeks old when in fact it was from the year 2006.

I definitely would prefer to see complete dates for all posts, new and old. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Yup. Times, too, if they can manage it.

I agree. Unnecessary abbreviation is unnecessary

You’re right and, in fact, it is only one more character in length but much clearer in meaning.

I totally agree. The more complete the time of the post, the better.

Paging @codinghorror for insight

I’m sure he’ll be by to tell us why we don’t need that, how we’d all better off learning how to read more carefully.

There is a reason I was not posting in this topic :wink:

Is there a reason we can’t have the full date show? Besides “that’s not the way we want you to do it”? Is it an easy fix?

Don’t be coy. Please share with us what that reason is.