Its here! Its here! Lonesome Dove on blu-ray

My better half spied it on Amazon for $10 on Black Friday. It just arrived today. I’m beyond giddy. Wide screen, digitally remastered, 5.1 surround, new interviews and documentary extras.

Imho the best Western on film.

I’ll report back in approximately 373 mins. :smiley:

Well, actually, The Searchers is the best Western on film. My blu-ray copy of this originally VistaVision classic should arrive in a few days.

PS, thanks for the head’s up on LD. Amazon is loving me about now.

It is pretty awesome. I noticed visual details (ruddy cheeks…Diane Lane’s differing pupil dilations) and bits of dialogue that I had not noticed before (in the dust storm, Shaun tells Newt “I fell off my horse!” as he climbs up behind him), and that is significant as I have watched this movie a lot…like a certifiable number of times.

My only quibble with the sound is that some of the horse clomping has a distracting echo, which I assume is an artifact of remastering or something.

I may just have to order that. I adore all things Larry McMurtry.

It actually came out on Blu-ray a few months back–I got it then. I haven’t watched it yet, but probably will soon. We usually have a biannual Lonesome Dove fest here in the ranchlands of deep south Texas. I trust you all are aware of Bill Wittliff’s book of photographs from Lonesome Dove–it has lots of pictures taken during the filming and interesting trivia.