Its "International Walk To School Day"

Its amazing the kind of trivial shit you learn by watching early morning TV when you can’t sleep. Who would have known? You think something this important would have had a little more ramp-up. What about the homeschoolers? Seems to me they are getting screwed! And how do you think this makes the bus drivers feel? They’re only human! Bound to be some feelings hurt.

Also, expected record high temps this weekend.

Few threads are as pointless as this.

I propose International Walk to School like a Pirate Day.

Arrrrr! Me scurvy is acting up during this walk. It’s a crosswalk, I’ll keelhaul ya if you don’t let us through, ye landlubber!

If you have a kid in school, you can’t miss ‘events’ like this.

Checking Google, I see it would have been a 6.1 mile walk to school for me.

Uphill through the snow in a high wind bare naked and no shoes?


I’m glad we didn’t have this kind of thing when I was a kid.
I would have needed more then one day to walk to Canada.

I like the cut of your jib, Me Hearty! Take heed to avoid the plank!


Or we could do Walk to School Like An Egyptian.

10.3 mi for me. Good time to take a sick day.

At my kid’s school they said that if you live too far to walk, you can drive as usual but park a few blocks away so that at least he gets to walk the last little bit. That way he can get the sticker that says he walked to school today. Kind of ridiculous, I think.

I walked (or biked) almost every day to school from kindergarten through 8th grade. Where’s my sticker?