It's iron, not iorn and siren, not siern!

Marge: Look at all the foilage, Lisa.

I saw a show on TV once, I think it was on the Nashville Network, where there was a guy talking about “farms”.
He was mainly talking about the importance of “farms” in the history of the US, especially in the frontier days. I joined the show in the middle, so I thought he was talking about agriculture until he showed a museum display of antique rifles. “Lotta histry,” he intoned, “lotta histry”

Firearms! He was talking about firearms! Mushmouthed buckskin-wearing drugstore cowboy was pronouncing it “farms”.

I didn’t expect this kind of response. Dopers are unpredictable.

I always knew I was right about si-ren. I-urn still bugs me, but since it’s right I’ll go with it.

“Every since” grates on my nerves, so does “nucyuler” Even experienced military people say, and they should know better.

I prefer “meer” for mirror. If I tried to pronounce every word just right I would sound like a Connecticut yankee (no offense, but I just wouldn’t be able to stand myself). I’d rather sound like myself, an Ohio yankee.

Can’t exscape ourt little walking liberry :smiley:

Hell, everyone in the national raffle 'sociation knows about farm saftey :smiley:

What I want to know is how the british get “sinjin” from St. John.

And for the love of God, people, it’s wash, not warsh!


Oh, I hate that one! :mad:

The other day I was standing outside a coin shop, while some women, obviously tourists, were debating whether or not to go the “coy-in shop”. What the hell?

That one’s simple: “wis-tah-shuh”.

And to all of you from NYC… IT’S NOT CAWFEE!!!

It’s Wyom-inG not Wyo-me


i-d-ah NOT i-d-er!
“warsh”…aaarrgh, I hate that one!

Oh yeah, pumice.

It’s “puh-miss” NOT “pyoo-miss”. Remember the Lava soap commercials?

Although, I’d like to see it changed to “pyoo-mee-chay” with an Italian accent. Kinda like “fra-gee-lay” (fragile) from A Christmas Story. :smiley:

There’s a city in Southern California by the name of San Bernardino

Now, the locals say Sann Bern-DEE-no How in the heck do you get that out of the name?

When I pronounce it correctly, Sann Bern-nard-EE-no, I get funny looks, especially from my wife. But then again, she gives me funny looks over almost everything I do.


Or “San Berdoo!”

I, too, hate and despise people who say things different from the way that I say them. The fools! Only the way I do things is proper, to do otherwise is a sign of ignorance, poor manners, and possibly inbreeding.

Damn right!

For the record. my DH is the one who says “Wyomy” and “idear”. While I do not despise him, I am not quite sure about the inbreeding.:eek:

There’s a small town in Central Texas called Schwertner, which (according to the German) ought to be pronounced “Shhvehrt-ner”. But everyone, including second or third generation German immigrants, calls it “Sweat-ner”.

Everyone says Missippi instead of Mississippi.

Yup. Only here it’s a little more like peh-CAHN.

“Realtor” not “real-a-ter”

“Athlete” (not, as someone above pointed out “ath-a-lete”).

And “jewelry” - not “jewel-er-y”

Just as they’re spelled, folks. In all three cases, if people pronounced them properly, chances are they wouldn’t misspell them.