Pronunciations that make your skin crawl

Even if a dictionary accepts a pronunciation as okay, there are some that strike me as precious, snooty, faux-intellectual or just annoying.

One I just heard on TV is a prime example: processes. I have always thought “PRAH-sess-iz” was the right was to say the plural of “PRAH-sess” and that “prah-sess-EEZ” was an affectation to make it sound more scientific or academic or just plain “important.”

Any that bug you like this? Do you prefer the version I dislike?


Good one. Makes me think of another I loathe: Kahn-tra-ver-see-uhl. To me, kahn-tra-ver-shul sounds less uppity.


Augh. It’s only three syllables, people. ><;

Do they really say this? I always thought is was a trick of my radio or TV speaker not being able carry the sound frequency to distinguish /s/ and /sh/.

I concur with “proc-es-seez”, and recently, for dioceses, I’ve been hearing “die-oh-seez”. And this is on public radio, where they generally try to foster an atmosphere of erudition.


I know the dictionary says it’s ok, and I’ve read debates on grammar message boards about it…but my best friend pronounces it this way and I know he does it because he thinks it’s right and it makes him seem smart, but really it just makes him sound like a douche.


I prefer prO-cess tyvm. :slight_smile:

Okay. How do you say its plural? Proh-sess-eez?

Yup. :slight_smile:

That bugs me too. It’s always people that want to seem smarter than they are. A-crossed, as in “it was a-crossed the street”, drives me nuts too.

In that case, I’m pleased I don’t have to hear your posts. :wink:

Since turn about is fair play, what pronunciations “get all over” you? Surely there must be at least one. And I don’t just mean that you feel the pronunciation is ill-advised, as might be the case with the ubiquitous “nue-cue-ler” that our esteemed chief executive seems to enjoy bludgeoning us with. No, I mean the ones that really make you squirm.

Count me among the process-eez type.

The one I hate: “harassment”. It should be harras-ment with the emphasis on the “ass” part (so to speak! :eek: ). I hate when it’s pronoucned haires-ment, all soft-like. Bah. I can’t explain it!
Also- “tarrah” for “terror”. I have a friend whose daughter is named Tara. I alsways feel for her when they discuss “the war on tarrah”.

Kid’s gonna get a complex.

Miss-cheev-ee-us. (Inarticulate scream.)

Nook-you-lur. (Scream is louder, now.)

Real-a-tor. (Soft moan.)

pruh-MEER rather than PREM-ee-air

IZ-ril or IZ-reel rather than IZ-rayel



Pretty much any American pronunciations of words can sound wrong. Not that it’s wrong for there - it just is for here. I don’t mind it too much though I also wish people would learn to pronounce the names of places correctly.

So, is JAG-you-wer to be preferred over JAG-war?

And is Eck-you-a-dorr a preference to Eck-wa-dorr?

How is this plural pronounced anyway? I pronounce the singular as “DIE-uh-seez.” Would it be “DIE-uh-seez-uz.” Sounds kind of funny to me.

Well I suppose that depends on where you live. For the UK it would be jag-u-ar though that’s mostly in reference to the car. We tend not to have too many giant kitties running around. :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard the first version of Eck-you-a-dor. Is that an American thing?

FOL-age (A former roommate refused to pronounce the I in Foliage)

ma-TOUR (or worse, ma-TOUR-ih-tee.)