And I think it’s time for a birthday party.

Anyone got some cake? I’m bringing the axe and my trusty zippo!

  • gets to work digging a firepit in Justin’s back yard *

You’re a good man Inigo.

Happy birthday Justin.

I come bearing presents.

Puppies! So many puppies!

Sure hope Justin Credible’s a dog person.

Also, that username is awesome.

Also, also, my birthday’s on Saturday. I’ll be 20. Urgh.

**Happy Birthday, Justin!!!

And Stauderhorse!!!**

WOW! That’s just incredible!

Happy birthday! I hope you have many more and the years go slow.:slight_smile:

Whoa…I had to do a double-take. I’ve never seen a thread title with my name in it before. I’m glad it’s not in the pit.

Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes. I’ve gotten to talk to lots of great dopers in PM’s today and added new friends on ICQ as well, and it’s made for an awesome birthday. Big thanks to faithfool for getting the ball rolling with her thread. Two more years and I’ll be the big three-oh. :eek:

And, thanks to Stauderhorse for the compliment. It’s funny, I’ve had a few people say they like my username, but I’ve been thinking of changing it ever since I signed up. I guess I won’t after all.

And, I definately am a dog person. Those puppy picture are awesome. If we can’t get the firepit dug in time, we’ll just commandeer my neighbor’s yard. He has one…also a hot daughter.

C’mon now. Keep the user name. I told a friend that I had introduced myself to a “Justin Credible” and after about 30 seconds of thought processing she was laughing like a loon!

Oops forgot the present:

Cute bunny:
Not only is he cute but he gives back massages!

Oh and happy birthday for tomorrow Stauderhorse. You are only as old as the insert adjective here you feel.

To help you celebrate, I could think of nothing better than to launch you into space.

This is from an orbit modeling application I use. That orbit has a:
Semimajor axis of 14528 km
Eccentricity of 0.540331
Inclination of 40 degrees
Argument of perigee of 0 degrees
Right Ascention of the Ascending Node of 0 degrees

… and brings you between the altitudes of 300 and 16000 km. The orbital period is 4.8 hours. If you are, in fact, in Chillicothe, Ohio, you should pass over your Earthly home every now and then. Actually, most of Ohio is in the ground track.

Have fun :smiley:

Oh, wait: I forgot. You’ll need a space suit. Here you go!

Thanks for the rabbit. I could always use a good back massage. I like those pictures you have of the semi-precious stones, too. Did you dig those up yourself?

Awesome. I’ve wanted to go into space since I was a little boy. This is probably the closest I’ll get. I saved that picture, too.

Justin, I’m so happy you came into my thread. Let’s just say it was an early birthday present to you. :slight_smile: Now, you and Stauderhorse go have the biggest, brightest, happiest celebration ever, with lots of presents, cake and attractive members of the sex-of-your-choice!! Party hearty y’all.

Happy Birthday, Justin! :slight_smile:

That’s what she said!

Aww, thanks.

Am I missing something? Anyway, happy birthday! You’re one hoopy frood.

Barges in the door, already shitfaced

“Hey guyses! Happipy Burthdday, Juztin!”

knocks over lamp

“Ooops, sorry.”

sparks shoot out setting fire to the carpet

“My bad. Anyone godda fire dextinguisherr?”

everyone starts panicking and coughing

“Whered’s the badthroom?.. I gotta puke…”

[That’s just how these parties go at the Dope. Happy Birthday!]

point’s cmyk at the fire
cmyk extinguishes the fire

Nice to see you found the keg taps. Now we can get down to business.

Justin, the firepit’s dug. We need some wood. What have you got? And where’s Kytheria? She was supposed to bring rum.

Wouldn’t you like to know!