It's My Birthday, And I Got Kimchi. Hooray!

Happy birthday to me. By complete coincidence, we have new Korean neighbours downstairs, and as a moving in present they brought over a big pot of kimchi - the real homemade stuff, fermented underground in an earthenware pot and able to strip the chrome off a bumper at 50 paces. I am going to reek of garlic tomorrow. Life is good.

Man, I’m jealous. I had just a taste of kimchi once (no, not at the bottom of the ocean in the '60’s) and have craved another taste since. It’s one of those things I never think about getting when I’m in a place to get some.

Oh, happy birthday!

Damn. Now I’m hungry. :smiley:

Happy Birthday!

Wish I had some kimchee. I was 30 on my last birthday, and did I get any kimchee? No.

Kimchi buried out back! Man, I am jealous. The stuff I get is in a jar, refrigerated. You can’t make it Gettysburg, by any chance, for the Dopefest?


Day-um. I was thinking the same thing Tris. :wink:

Oh, and I also got an Incredibles DVD, and a little robot. The kimchi was good - I ooze garlic and chili from every pore.

AWWWWW. Kimchi is good!

Is the fact that the All Blacks are pulverising the Fijiians a happy thing?

How about the Magic beating the shit out of the Sting?

Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

Thanks. Reality TV and now netball: there really is no redemption for you, is there?

Happy birthday!! And be thankful you got the homemade stuff. Any other prepackaged stuff doesn’t compare to homemade kimchi. :smiley:

Oh Fuck Off Birthday Boy! :smiley:

At least the North Island won. I’m a girlie…netball was almost compulsory!

Before the netball I managed to get in my weekly dose of ‘America’s weirdest choice of model type people’ and then I came here to congratulate you.

Show some gratitude ya wanker!

I sympathise: rugby was compulsory at my intermediate school. The headmaster, who was in his 70’s, refused to allow a soccer team because he though it was effeminate.

Jeez, your principal should have a beer with my dad :smiley:

I HAD to play netball till 6th form. I was crap at netball. Netball and I both survived the ordeal.

My Dad is lovely bloke really. We are best of friends now…it only took 20 years for me to realise it

Yum, kimchi! Now yer talkin’ food of the gods. A little kimchi and some rice and you’ve got a whole meal.

Well, I brought a sandwich for my lunch today. Now you’ve got me wanting to ditch the sandwich and instead go to a local Korean BBQ joint.

Sounds good. I haven’t had Korean food in a looong time. There don’t seem to be any in Florida. :frowning: Maybe it’s time to go searching for one!

Happy birthday, Case Sensitive!

I rarely eat kimchi, but I like it. I wonder if the stuff they have at the supermarket is any good? (No Korean restaurants around here.)

I learned to love Korean food while I was in Korea, serving in the Army. I haven’t had kimchi as good since. some of the stuff sold in jars isn’t bad, it just isn’t as good.

I have two Korean cookbooks that I need to start using. Bulgogi remains a fond memory. I did try a couple of rice dishes, and they were good, but I need a real Korean to tutor me. There aren’t any Korean restaurants in this town, but there is a small Korean Baptist church, and I’ve actually considered calling and asking a church lady for advice.

Kimchi will spiceup a bowl of ramen. Especially if the ramen has been sitting in your pantry past its expiration date! :stuck_out_tongue: I like eating kimchi with daikon and dill pickles.

It can be OK, but the supermarket stuff can be a little heavy on the preservatives, which gives it that slightly metallic taste, and they don’t leave it to ferment properly, so it’s often just hot’n’spicy boiled cabbage. If you ever get the chance to have the real stuff {some restaurants make their own}, grab it with both hands: they put all the ingredients in a clay pot, bury it, and pretty much leave it until it rots. Like I said, it’ll strip the chrome off a truck bumper, and is guaranteed to kill all known micro-organisms: it’s the best cold cure there is.

Kimchi nabe is one of my favourites: food of the Gods.