It's my birthday and I'll post from bed if I want to! I had surgery yesterday, I'm allowed.

So, I had a minor operation yesterday (Mirena insertion under GA), and took today off work, figuring:

  1. If I’m not fit to drive for 24 hours after an anaesthetic, I’m not fit to look after patients- because there is being hard-core, and there is being irresponsible.
  2. It’s my birthday.
  3. I didn’t know what to expect in terms of pain/discomfort (I had my last Mirena at the same time as a laparoscopy- which hurt worse than my c-section).

Imagine my joy and when Irishfella gave me a nice shiny Netbook this morning! Woo hoo!

So, the baby is with the childminder, irishfella is working from home to be my responsible adult carer today, and I’m having a nice lie-in with coffee and the Dope. Awesome.

I have minimal discomfort (seriously, no cramps since about an hour after I came round, and just taking ibuprofen as a precaution), although I look like an extra from Twilight (i.e.very, very pale bordering on green).

We’re going up to spend the weekend at my in-laws holiday apartment at the seaside (Ballycastle) and they’re going to babysit so we can go out for dinner.

So, apart from the minor inconvenience of surgery (which is balanced out by the benefits of Mirena), this is possibly the best birthday ever!

Anyone else having glass half full kind of day?

Happy Birthday!

Is it typical to be put under GA for Mirena? I thought it was something that would be done in an office.

Yeah, that’s a tad worrying, considering that my gynecologist had recommended that for me (once I’m post-endometrial ablation).

Glad to hear you’re managing well so far, and with an iPad to keep you company!

Whoa - GA for a Mirena insertion? Wow. There’s gotta be extenuating circumstances, here.

I certainly didn’t get GA for my insertion, and I’m getting it taken out (and a new one inserted again) in two weeks.

I’m jealous and hope you enjoy the downtime.

I woke up to $900 of car repairs and a major fire I had to fight at work - not my fault in any way, but requiring my attention. And we have a locked up wireless router at home and I am the official Computer Guy for fixing stuff like that…

…sigh. Did you take my glass?


Happy Birthday Irish Girl! You are going to love the Mirena. I have had mine for a few years and has one great upside you will find out. I had a Laparoscopy for an Ovarian Cyst and mine was painful too. I guess the upside is minimal scarring. Great on your new Netbook! Please take it easy. I didn’t feel 100 percent for a couple of weeks after the surgery. Irish Fella sounds like a nice guy.

My day was very good. I gave up a 2nd part time job that was just too much. I have a friend that takes my cast off jobs so I am off the hook.

Sending out a wish for a speedy recovery and a great birthday! :slight_smile:

Surgery for insertion of an IUD? Wow, I’ve never heard of such a thing, who knew?

I have posted before about this- I went for routine insertion back in November and my cervix decided not to co-operate. It frankly refused to dilate, even with a cervical block, and the nice family planning doctor was worried her probe was going to get bent, so we decided that GA was the way to go.

The worst thing has been the delay in scheduling the op- I went back to work in an ER where the shifts were only just covered with everyone at work, so I had to wait until I switched to working on the wards where there is more leeway with the cover and less pressure on my colleagues if I take a couple of sick days.

I had no problems with the removal of my first Mirena, and the insertion went fine this time. Maybe after the next baby (in a few years) my cervix will decide that it will co-operate with a normal insertion, maybe not. I’m just happy that in the land of UHC whatever my contraceptive needs, the solution will be free!

Happy birthday! :slight_smile: