It's my birthday. Big whoop.

Is anybody else out there sick of birthdays? OTOH, my wife peeves me when she says, “Is it okay if we celebrate your birthday on Friday?” No, because that’s not my birthday.

Let me be the first to sing:

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birrrrthdaaaaaaayy dear dropzoooooooooone,
Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

And many more!!!

So, dare I ask how many Bdays you’ve had? :wink:

Hope it’s a happy one!

Happy Birthday Drop!! We can celebrate any time you want kiss,kiss

In the words of Rita Rudner… I hate my birthday. And I don’t plan to grow old gracefully. I plan to have facelifts 'til my ears meet. Hehehehe :smiley:
Hippy Happy Hoppy Birthday, dropzone!!

I hope you have a kickass rockin’ day! May this year find you happy, healthy and rich with good fortune. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, ladies! Everybody in the house has been asleep for hours and I’m feeling a little lonesome. I appreciate the nice thoughts.

And Purp, I’m 46. But don’t look it. People figure ten years younger. And they are being honest, not just nice. I love them.

Am I one of the older, chronologically, on this board? I’ve grown accustomed to being relatively old, having had my kids later. I know it can be as much a state of mind as a number, but I’m feeling it today.

Qwisp, I have a rescued collie. Close enough? That’ll teach me to drop by PetSmart.

If you will excuse me a moment, I’m gonna cry in my beer some more. Today, I gave up hope of finding the perfect job anytime soon. Now I’m just looking for any job. I have some skills that will make it a simple process, but I had such high hopes when I was laid off in October! I had some severance and was going to hold out for the right job! Nope. I’ll end up taking a professional step ten years backwards and settle. For less money, too, which particularly pisses me off.

Excuse me. Wallowing in self-pity while everybody else sleeps is something of a speciality.

Thanks again for the good wishes. I’m going to bed.

Happy Birthday, Dropzone!

And you’re not old, why my Dad is a full two years older!

::runs away as fast as her young whippersnapper legs will allow::

And no, don’t let people “move around” your birthday.

(Possibly I’m bitter because mine is so close to Christmas and I REGULARLY got treated out of presents)

I was born on December 25th. I’ve never even had
a real Birthday.

Happy Birthday dropzone.

And be thankful that your wife remembered your birthday. Mine was June 1st and so far the only person who said anything was Shayna, who started a thread, and then other people who posted to it.

I’m not saying anything, because now I’m just sort of curious as to how long it will go before my parents finally say something. Kind of like an experiment.

Happy birthday, chuckles!

(Blows one of those rolling-out party horns too close to your ear, intending to be celebratory but instead incredibly annoying.)

Happy birthday Dropzone. I still love you eventhough you are nearly twice my age. :wink: Well, most of my boyfriends have been at least 12 years older than me (have dated up to 50…boy was that a mistake… not because he was 50 but because he was a total jerk.) My boyfriends don’t rob the cradle, I farm the graveyard. :slight_smile: <— that is supposed to look as innocent as possible. When you and your wife come to DC, my bf and I will make you two dinner. Leave the brats at home. I hate kids. (EG)


happy birthday drop.
happy belated birthday brat :slight_smile:

You’re sick of birthdays?

Well, Happy Birthday anyways, drop.

May you live to drink a million beers…

At one (real) beer every couple months, I should be around for a while!

As for you nice folks putting up with my self-pity, thanks! Turns out mine wife is too sick today to be much fun, anyway. And I just got a call from one of my pimps==I mean, my agent–asking if I’d mind if he submitted my resume at one of the most prominent museums on the planet! YES!!! If you more religious people could put in a good word with whatever god or goddess you happen to worship I’d be right appreciative.

I probably should ask that this thread be closed because it is too self-indulgent, but no. I am almost enjoying it.

A friend of mine is sick of birthdays too. She’s just short of hostile if anyone does anything to remind her.

I too am ambivalent about them, now that I’m 35. (The 35-hurdle now means that I can technically run for US President, which of course will never happend.) My wife’s approaching 30, so I suppose I’ll have to do something spectacular.

She also insists on sending gifts to everyone on their birthday, then complains when the budget gets busted. Also complains when nobody reciprocates. I just go with cards on my side of the family. Being 2000 miles from the closest member of my side kinda helps that.

Happy birthday Drop. Good luck on that job!

Oh. I’ve already posted to this thread. Never mind. :confused:

I’ll be able to run for President this December. No scandals in my life, no liasons with fat teenaged interns. I should be home free…

Until one of my enterprising opponents figures out that I’ve been posting to this board and masters the search function.


“You can’t fool all the people all of the time, but if you do it just once, it lasts four years!”
(From the Gamers Guide to Diplomacy [1974 version])

Happy Birthday mate. Remember we don’t get a year older: just a year wiser.

Hmmmm for some of you omnipotence beckons…

Yes, it is a big whoop, dropzone! And this is from who is sincerely middle-aged. After all, if you hadn’t been born, you wouldn’t be here for us to torment, jazz and rib.

Actually, I know what you mean about wanting/not wanting celebrations. For years The Ex would blow off my birthdays with “let’s save the money for vacation”, etc. After a while it became necessary to preempt the indifference with more indifference of my own. “Doesn’t matter; no big deal; who cares”–while a tiny voice pouted away inside.

Don’t let the numbers spook you; they’re just numbers. They mean diddly-squat for what life holds. Most people go through at least 3 or 4 major occupational/life shifts. Good stuff awaits ya. ::crossing my fingers for the museum::

Glad ya got born, hung around and chose here to do it.
Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday, I just had my 21st.