It's my second, no wait 3rd anniversary

Sometimes I realize that I have one of the coolest relationships ever!

Yesterday, the wife and I were talking about nothing in particular when I realized that our anniversary was coming up. Problem is, I can never really remember if our anniversary is the 25th or 26th. It’s like some kind of mental block. Anyway I ask the wife what she wants to do, when she asks me…

How long have we been married?
To which I said 3 years, our wedding was March 25th, 2000.

She say no it’s March 26th 2001.

I say no, we dated two years and have been married for three.

She say no it’s the opposite we dated 3 years and have been married for two, and it was the 26th.

Are you sure, I thought the 25th was Saturday and we left for our honeymoon on the 26th.

No she says we drove to Reno on the 25th, got married on the 26th and flew out on the 27th.

Well maybe, but I’m sure it was 2000.

No it was 2001.

What followed was a dash for the scrap book. The correct info:
March 26th, 2000

So the challenge Dopers is who was more right. I contend it was me, as she has us married a whole year less, whereas I was only off a day.

What say you all? A backrub is at stake.

I say: congratulations! You were closer so go get your backrub. And then go give a backrub. Put the kids in front of the Playstation and get all sorts of other things rubbed.

You’re more right, Stuffy. One day is nothing! How could she forget an entire year?

(My parents were married officially at the Oakland Courthouse on July 21, 1973, and then they had the party and ceremony the next day in Berkeley. So if one of them forgets the first day, they can make up for it the second day without getting in trouble. It’s a good system for the forgetful.)

See that’s what I say Kyla a whole year the noive :smiley:

Biggirl I suspect neither of us will really lose

Both wrong - so neither of you gets backrub. In fact, you are - from this moment forward - forbidden to touch one another until your anniversary.

Or maybe you were both right and you should both get backrubs.

(I do the same thing - can remember when we got married.)

Can’t you find the marriage certificate?

Funnily enough, Mr. Rilch and I went through the same thing on our last anniversary. It was 1999! How can he not remember that it was 1999! The county clerk even made a joke about keeping the certificate until after Y2K!

Anyway, many happy returns!

You were both half right, so you get short backrubs.

I have trouble remembering the year my husband and I were married, he has trouble remembering the day. But together we come up with the right anniversary date, so it all works out - insert sappy relationship metaphor here. :slight_smile:

There are two facts: year/month/day of marriage and month/day of anniversary.

You win on the first count, she wins on the 2nd count.

(Is Solomon taken here?)