It's ninety-six degrees in the shade, the windows don't open, the AC is broken, and ...

they won’t have it repaired till Thursday at the earliest.

This is one of those times when a man can only say

I feel your pain. My AC broke during the summer too. I had to rent a hotel room for the week it took to get a new one installed because the house was simply unlivable. It suuuuuucks, especially when the house is designed assuming AC and doesn’t allow for natural cooling.

I’m talking about work, actually.

The good news is that can and will leave at 2:30, and also that I can and will work from home. Feel bad for my employees. :frowning:

Here, I’ll give you a link to Calgary’s weather report - that oughta help cool you down. :slight_smile: For your conversion needs, 4ºC is the temperature inside your fridge.

Mine died at the end of July. I suffered for a week and then temperatures spiked, so the dog and I decamped to a hotel for the last four days before the replacement was installed.

I feel your pain, brother Skald, I feel your pain. sends ice

Oh, pff. Employees.

I cut the grass today, it was 85+, I sweated for an hour after that. we also had a midge insect infestation, it was terrible but that ended today.

Skald, you left out the worst part.

You’re in Memphis.

As a 4th generation Memphian who escaped, I feel your pain! At least the humidity down here isn’t as bad as those “vapors”!:smack: Please try to avoid them skeeters!

Welcome to every day in the month of August in Japan. People don’t believe in central cooling here, or something. If it wasn’t for my electric fan I think I would have melted.

Do the windows open?

Honestly, it’s the non-opening windows that are the problem.

There’s always a way to open a window.

I’m not evil AT WORK.

If you say so.

Just keep an eye on your employees. If I were working under those conditions, I’d find an excuse to trip over something while carrying a ladder on my shoulder; or maybe organize a competitive brick-throwing tournament.

The AC is working today.

So Skald, rethinking the greenhouse evil lair yet?

If Evil-Overlord-Skald’s AC were out, you would be able to tell by the screams of the innocents being punished out of pique.

That’s good to hear. Making people work under the conditions in the OP is just mean.

I lost my mobile with all my numbers Sunday, had my bike stolen this morning, put my washing in the machine unknowingly with a pen in a pocket which has messed up a lot of stuff and also my landlords g/f took a fancy to me, I declined her “friendship” but he’s picked up on it and is acting shitty ;as is she as a woman scorned…

But a good mate came round this morning who’s Mum died with little warning from cancer last week… so it puts it all into perspective .

Life can be shitty sometimes but at least it IS life.