It's not easy turning green.

So Halloween is coming up and I was thinking of being the Incredible Hulk. I mean I have a Lou Ferrigno type body, almost. The real problem is that I am not green. So to pull this off I need to figure out how to make my very pale freckled skin into something with a durable green finish. Make up is one idea but I don’t want to be rubbing green paint all over someone else’s apartment. My next idea is green dye the I would take a bath in, Halloween is on Friday so that give me 2 days to de-green, but I am afraid of being green for a week. So I look to you, the Teeming Millions, to help me turn myself green and back again.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Gamma radiation worked for Bruce Banner.

Why not just use a tight green body suit?

Make sure to use an oil-based paint, so it doesn’t were off if you sweat.

Two words: Liquid Latex.

About liquid latex. Click on their “applications” and FAQ for more info.

Basically, you paint on liquified latex onto your skin (or over a lycra article of clothing or suit for reusability). It dries, and you have a second skin that can be one of a variety of colors.

Searching the web for ‘liquid latex’ will get you lots of costumers, special effects sites, science vendors, and kink sites all selling the stuff.

WARNING: Info on a non-work-friendly site coming… If you Google on “deviant liquid latex”, you’ll get to see some full body costuming. Click on gallery. Contains nudity and naughty poses.

Now, you will have to shave where you apply the latex, unless you want a latex waxing later on. (Since you’re a buff bb, I’m sure this won’t be the first time you’ve done body shaving. :wink: )

Also keep in mind that many people find the latex to be erotically stimulating. If you think you’re the type that can be easily addicted to sexual fetishes, you may want to stop before you start.


And if you don the green latex, post your Hulking picture on your web site so we can see how it worked out, or, at least,how well you work out. :smiley: