It's not really irony or dichotomy.. so what is it??

As most of you guys know by now… the famous hacker Kevin Mitnick had his site hacked twice this week.

Now… my question. I’m trying to think of the word that describes this. It’s not really irony or dichotomy… so what is it??

It’s driving me NUTS… I know… I know… I’ll think of it at 5am as I bolt upright out of bed.

Please help this poor brain-dead girl. :smack:

Poetic justice?

Just dessert?

Cosmic Karma?

Just desserts?

Nah… I’m going with irony. Or maybe comeuppance…

I guess I need a better description of your feelings on this to give it a one-word label. :wink:

How about: :stuck_out_tongue:



Mitnick has been denied access to a computer for years. He has kept up with some reading, but has very little practical experience on current systems. As such, he probably farmed out the sysadmin job (in which case cracking the site doesn’t really make the intended statement) or he did it himself as a relative newbie. Besides, Mitnick didn’t gain his fame as a web cracker. He was into phone systems and general Unix cracking certainly, but there’s nothing in his past that indicates he’d have any specific skill as a website admin.

Since he’s one of the most famous crackers, it’s completely expected that he’s a target for everyine trying to make their bones. No site, even if Mitnick were up to date, is uncrackable, so the fact that he’s made himself a target makes this inevitable.

I’m sorry. Dichotomy?

Nah, that’s merely sherbet.

It’s just deserts. Hey, I just came from the English rant in the pit.

The word most people use is irony. It’s not one of the classics, though: it’s neither rhetorical nor dramatic irony. Some, for this reason, will insist that it’s not irony at all. Others will give it a new label, like “post-modern irony,” “situational irony,” or “Alanis irony.”

I like “poetic justice,” myself.

It’s “poetic justice” because he was a hacker.

It’s “irony” because his is a security firm.