It's official: CNBC/MSNBC has the hottest anchor babes

When did Melissa Stark join MSNBC? I noticed that she has been doing the morning updates on CNBC (in place of Natalie Morales, but I guess it’s OK, since it’s Melissa). I suppose this means she won’t be going back to Monday Night Football. How did that happen? I thought she was just taking time off to have a baby. I didn’t see MNF a lot this year, was Lisa Guerrero worth keeping around?

Anyway, as I was saying, CNBC/MSNBC has the hottest anchor babes.

I’m not a sports guy, so I had no idea who this cute-as-a-button blonde was when she showed up a few weeks ago (I heard because Natalie Morales was home with a baby). Think I’d take Melissa S. over Natalie now, though. N. M. looks like she’s rip you a new asshole if you ticked her off.

Liz Claman is rather nice.
AND she holds a Certificat Superieur from the Universite’, de Paris, oooo la la.

Sheesh, don’t you people know anything? You’re not allowed to start a thread about hot celebrities without linking to pictures of said celebrities. Kudos to ccwaterback for getting it, even if it is just a tiny little picture.

And what station is Tricia McMillian on? Because she’s probably hotter. But then, I dig babes with PhDs in astrophysics.

There is CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo, and the rest fall in line somewhere behind. She’s smart, quick on her feet, and could never be described as “perky.”

In my news department, “perky” would be synonymous with “unemployable.”

When Lisa Ling on MSNBC is in the field in Columbia she was particularly fetching.

CNN has the hottest hotties!

I’m off home for the weekend for internal deployment of liquid intoxicants!

What, MPSIMS is closed?