It's official. I going to hell!! (Those Promise commercials.)

I don’t know if these Promise commercials are a local or national, but anyway, Promise is an organization that helps problemed alcoholics out of their delima.

So they have one commercial were a husband is walking around at a house party being belligerent causing all the party goers much grief. The wife follows around trying to make excuses for her husbands behaviour.

Then I saw a new one today were the husband is sitting at the dinner table and apparently wants to start shit with dear old Grandpaw to which he says “HEY! You gotta problem with that Grandpaw?!” The wife falls behind again trying to maintain damage control.

I find these commercials funny. I know I shouldn’t be laughing, but damn, I just can’t help myself.

Just an ordinary day in the life of Marge Simpson.


I still think that the billboards that were in the Dallas area that said

were funny as hell. (ha ha)

Heh…it took me a bit to figure out that you weren’t talking about the Promise margarine commercials. That’ll teach me to skip the first paragraph of an OP…