It's official - I've seen it all

I’ll be gouging my eyes out now.

Fake mud for your city-dwelling SUV

Surprisingly NOT invented by an American (I thought we had the market cornered on total bullshit products like this).

Um, I think it may be satire!

If we had anything to do with the bullet decals, then we already did.

Nice find though!

I went through the order process and it looks legit with a secured payment screen and all.

From the site:
"Is it legal?

It is illegal to obscure your number plates. It is not illegal to spray mud onto your car, provided you do not obscure your plates in the process. We certainly can’t condone anyone doing this in order to avoid, for example, detection by speed cameras. You can be fined quite heftily if you do obscure your number plates, it is not however, we are advised by the legal profession, an offence for which you will attract an endorsement on your licence.

What if my number-plates get obscured by the mud?
You may be pulled over by the police and asked if you knew. As we’ve said above, the law says that number plates must be visible. If they are not, you could be fined but won’t, under present laws, receive any penalty points"

It would appear that the whole point of this product is to hide you plate numbers from red light cameras and speed cameras. Why else would that site tell you half a dozen times to “NOT” use it to do that. “Oh, but btw, if you do it’s ok because it’s not an endorsable offense.”
The website really goes out of its way to tell you to not use it on your license plate. It seems to me that the only reason to mention that is to give people the idea that they can use it on their license plate. I would not have thought about it, before.
It’s it’s the equivalent of telling some kids all the things they’re not supposed to do. All it does is give them ideas of things to do.

Did anyone else get that feeling from the site? That the product’s purpose is for concealing license plates? But they can’t market it as such.

I didn’t get that from the site. I think the “don’t cover your plates” bit is a CYA move.

Have you ever seen a man eat his own head?

I personnnally didn’t, and please, don’t provide the cite…

Well, no… I haven’t.

I couldn’t tell. He was covered in fake mud.

Okay, Kids, listen up – one more time. You are not to (a) drink liquor while underage, (b) do drugs ever, and © ever, ever have sex.

There, that did it; they’ll never get the idea to go against our orders now.

I was coming here to ask exactly that. You are my hero.

The picture on the site is less than convincing. It looks like the mud was photoshopped, rather than sprayed.

Bingo- that’s my exact thought. Use it to conceal your license plate, since although it’s an offense, if you get caught you won’t get any points on your license. If they were just worried about CYA, they wouldn’t bother pointing out the penalty for the action, just that it’s illegal and don’t do it (or that they don’t bear responsibility if someone does do it).

If it is fake, they managed to pull one over on NPR.

Then you haven’t seen everything.

I saw an article in the Atlanta paper, too. That’s why I started this thread.

Of course it is marketed to obscure licence plates…sheeeesh.