It's official - Men are linear, Women are parallel

Genders really do think differently - Men use more gray matter, women use more white

I’m surprised they didn’t throw out a white meat/dark meat joke.

I use mostly the plaid and pinstriped matter. :cool:

Overly-negative people use anti-matter.

Extremely apathetic people use itdoesn’t-matter.

:smiley: danceswithcats

And very very smart people who went to college use alma-matter.

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow don’t hit.

Would poets and writers use iambic penta-matter? :dubious:

Concerned Greek people use wadsamadder?

Would that mean Goth people use dark matter?

Err… Depressed Goth physicists perhaps?

i will not post before coffee i will not post before coffee i will not post before coffee

I think in tweed.

I think in rainbow colours!

You’d better cut down on the Skittles then.

I’d love to see if this holds true with transgendered individuals (although I assume the tests must be posthumous?)