It's Official, we have adopted a dog!

As an update to my previous thread, 0ur adoption of Trunks is official. We signed all the paperwork yesterday.

He is settling in and wants so badly to be friend with the cats, but has learned through trial and some error that he can’t just go up to them - they swat!! But he doesn’t bark or nip at them. They hiss and growl, he just lies down. I am truely suprised how patient he is with them. They growl and hiss at him and he looks at us with bag sad eyes as if to say “why don’t they like me? I like them… and not as a snack”

So far we found out that stuffed toys are NOT for him. He will tear them up. We bought a stuffed beaver dog toy at Target, well, he chewed the foot off of it and was pulling stuffing out of it in less than an hour. I guess it will be Kong tiys and chewey bones from now on. Either that or buy the cheapest stuffed dog toys on the planet.

He has got pretty good manners, deosn’t bark a lot, takes walks pretty good, but pulls on the leash, but he has gotten better even after only 3 walks. Tonight he just wanted to smell everything.

For the time being, he spends the day when we are at work and when we go to bed in his crate. The thing is huge, I think a Smart car would fit in it :D. No whining or crying. We say ‘place’ and he goes right in and lies down.

Oh, the obligatory pictures of pup.

First picture at new home
What’s that??
Can I have some chicken too??
Who’s a cute doggy?

Congratulations! I wish you much joy of each other.
About the stuffed dog toys, I read a great tip: go to yard sales and buy second had stuffed kid toys of the appropriate sizes.

The dog won’t care if they’re second hand, and you’ll get them so cheap who cares if the dog destroys then in just a day or two?
<sigh> I wish I could have a dog, but the mister is very allergic.

Grats on Trunks approving of you as worthy of being in his presence! I’m sure you welcomed your new torty dog overlord with plenty of snacks & scratches.

Whoa! He’s HUGE. In the other thread, you could just see his face, so I thought he was a little puppy. He’s a BIG puppy, but still very, very cute.

Nice house too. I’m sure he’ll be very happy there.

StarvingButStrong, I’ll keep my eyes out for garage sales or maybe check at the thrift stores. I didn’t think of that. I’ll just be sure to wash them first.

Yep. He is welcomed as is my tortie feline overlord! However the tortie feline overlord doesn’t care for him… yet.

Heff-n-Roo, he is a BIG baby, about 65 pounds and approximately 15 months old, but just as sweet as can be.

I <3 this dog!

Oh, he’s a BOOTIFUL brindle doggie! Lovely markings on him. I just want to skritch him behind the ears!

Don’t worry, Trunks, the cats will eventually get used to you. They’re just scared of you right now. But they’ll learn that you’re harmless (even though your head is as big as their whole selves), and then before you know it they’ll be sleeping on you and stealing your food. :smiley:

He’s pretty! Such beautiful markings.

As suggested by StarvingButStrong, buy him stuffed toys at yard sales, or thrift stores. Just watch out for button eyes. I used to have a dog that loved to rip apart stuffed toys and pull out the stuffing.
I found a big round stuffed pillow of the green monster from Monsters, Inc., and she had a blast ripping a hole in it, pulling out the stuffing and scattering it all over. Then she’d bring the empty pillow thing to me, and deposit at my feet, with a look as if to say, “Fix it, please?” I’d gather up the stuffing and sew it back up. She’d sit by me while I fixed it, and then run off with it again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Beautiful brindle puppy!

I get our stuffed animals from Freecycle - giant garbage bags full! For free! I donate the beanie babies to Goodwill. I sure don’t want them ripping apart a beanie baby!

I got a huge teddy bear that my Lab Lucy just loves to play with, and play tug-o-war with her “brother” Ernie the Bichon. It’s bigger than Ernie!

:: I just gush on and on about my doggies, don’t I? :wink: Sorry!::

Congratulations! Good on ya for adopting, and being part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

He looks great. Ours also annihilate stuffies but we keep supplying them anyway.

So…did you pick the dog to match the cat? :smiley: They’re both just gorgeous!

Wow, I love the brindle markings. He seems like a cool guy, wanting to hang out with the cats. Here’s hoping they figure things out soon.


The dog matches the pussy!
Congrats on your new family member! He is adorable.

What breed(s) do you think are in him?

What a good and gorgeous boy.

You’re going to do very well for each other. Give him all the love you can spare, and he’ll give you all the love he has.

We’ve just decided to let him rip the stuffin out of his toys. They are histoys, if he tears them up that’s his perogative. I’ll probably go to goodwill this weekend and look for toys (minus the button eyes/noses) for cheap. If I see garage sales I’ll stop in to look. BiblioCat, good suggestion to save the stuffing and then sew the toys back up for him to destroy again. FrankenToys!!

Every now and then he rustles up a cat toy mouse and brings it over, drop it and bats it around. 70 Pound dog playing with a teeny cat toy = hillarious. He is learning though that the cats have toys he cant play with.

We were originally looking for a brindle boxer, but we see this pup and well, we had to give him a home. We liked the idea of getting a brindle so we would have a “matched set”.

Shirley, He is a rottweiler/boxer mix breed.

He is so sweet and eager to please. We love him to bits. I keep telling him that one day the cats will love* him too.

*Well, maybe not love love, but at least live together and be friends.

I am planning to send a card, some pictures and a nice donation to the rescue group we adopted him from in December.