It's oogy all the way down

Remember seeing those shows about the dust mites and little insect life on your skin? How taking a shower would just give them a moist environment and they’d reproduce quicker?

Check out Bacteriophages:

I’m going to go bathe in Purell now.

Hmm. Ignorance of biology combined with implied germophobia. I think it’s best if I exit this thread now.

Why so serious? I thought it was pretty amazing.

Not serious - just two of my hot button issues, so I bowed out before I overreacted.

Well, at the rate we’re going, it’s just a conversation between two people.

Personally, I think we over sterilize everything, to the detriment of our immune systems, but it’s not like you’re going to get my life’s story in a four line OP.

It looks excatly like the watertower in my home town.

That’s cool! And even better, it’s available at giantmicrobes.

“Big bugs have little bugs
Upon their backs to bite 'em.
And little bugs have littler bugs
And so on, ad infinitum.”

The bacterio phage is really small, there is a relative size of one shown on this link. You will notice the phage down next to the measles virus. This site is pretty cool and gives an idea of the relative size of things. Just slowly move the slide at the bottom of the picture and zoom farther down into the scale of really small things.

Holy shit, this is awesome! Is there anything the Internet can’t provide? I think I’m going to do all my holiday shopping here. (If only they had C. Elegans!)

I got my mom e coli (the gift that keeps on giving?) for Christmas one year. And now they have gigantic-size ones. It’s a toss-up between one of those and's-Big-Adventure-Board-Game.html

P.S. Hee, hee, it’s scum:

I gave my wife’s sister “Herpes” and “Syphillis” last Christmas. And that’s how the family still jokes about it. (She’s in nursing school, so I thought they were cute and appropriate.)