It's planting season!

I wandered around and found the unusual vegetable seeds…!:eek: Red Okra - packets of many colored Beets,one of which is a red and white bullseye - pointed broccoli - all color Carrots - Zinnias in red and yellow:) - Rainbow Swiss Chard… If I’m gonna do something ,I may as well have fun,right?? I wish I was back home,with my quarter acre garden,but this is what I got:)

And tomorrow is World Naked Gardening Day!

We grew red okra one year, and iirc it was a success. Whatever variety we had, it was far tenderer than the green.

I think it turns green when cooked, though.

Yes,sadly most of the vara-colored veggies turn green on cooking… But they’re still fun to grow :wink: I also found some beans that are about 6 inches wide and at least 2 feet long:eek: The vines are about 25 feet long,so I’ll need to work on where to put those!

I don’t wish to blind anyone

Lettuce is planted and we have tomato and squash starts to put in the ground soon.

Just sayin’, ya’ll are also invited to the annual SDMB gardening thread

I’m moving into a condo with a nice deck that actually GETS SUN!

I saw alipine strawberry plants at the local farm market. I may have to buy a few of those plants. And maybe some of the English pea plants.

I’ve already got my tomatoes planted on my enclosed patio. And my asparagus is in harvesting mode.

Time to begin the never-ending (hopeless) task of pulling out the bindweed. It’s growing in the lawn now.

Bindweed grows from a tuber.
I have a plant up! Don’t know what it is,cause I over plant 3 or 4 different things,but something came up!!

I skipped the garden again this year to do more work on the yard. Tons of grass seed, and several new trees. A few cherries (sweet and pie) and a couple peach.

Cool. I actually have several acres of property that’s full of rich soil. …Unfortunately I’ve only ever failed at vegetable gardening. Shame, because my grandfather (originally his property) was wonderful gardener with a green thumb. I guess I didn’t inherit that skill.

I’m going to keep trying though.

Btw, rainbow swiss chard is amazing. Delicious.

And it’s so pretty!!

I used to work on a farm, but I was fired. I planted a tomato in the wrong bed! rimshot

Actually, I planted a pair of tomato plants in a pot Sunday.

So far we’ve planted dill, chives, coriander, lettuce, rocket, chilis, kaffir limes, thai basil, tomatoes, cucumber. The apples, cherries, blackcurrants and raspberries are coming on nicely and the hedgerows at the end of our road are showing loads of blackberry blossom, wild fennel is going crazy and the elderflowers will be around soon for a lovely cordial. We’ll have to wait until October for the wild rosehips though.

Appropriately enough for this thread, I planted “genuine Dutch” iris (not sure whether that’s particularly special, but they were sent to me from Europe). I planted in May because that’s when they were sent to me. Now they’re all blooming! Beautiful deep blue-purple. They seem to be smaller than the ones I remember my mother planting, or maybe I’m just bigger.

I suppose it helped that our SF weather for the past couple of months has been cool, damp (no actual rain to speak of, just a lot of dew and heavy mist) and springlike

I started paying attention to the garden for the first time in December, after I retired and after the December rains. It then got warm and dry and so I hurried to take advantage of the lull before the next storms. Which never came, it stayed warm and dry all winter and spring. Now in the summer, it’s cool and damp. Lots of plants with an annual cycle are very confused. Our flowering cherry, which finally leafed out in June, now apparently thinks it is autumn because it is starting to drop its leaves.

But amidst all the chaos, yay irises!

The unusually hot weather stopped the squash dead in its tracks, but it is now producing flowers like mad. Starting to see ripening cherry tomatoes and have harvested green beans, cilantro and basil. The strawberries are done, sadly. Lots of Asian pears this year, which won’t be ready for another month, at least. The lettuce greens continue to produce well.

If you folks have room, plant some milkweed. Its the only plant that Monarch butterflies use to lay their eggs. My link explains it in much better detail. You can get free seeds mailed to you from that link as well.

Mine was almost 8 inches tall before the flood. Some of them survived, but not a bunch so I replanted. They might not get big enough to do any good this year, but I’ll have a good start for next year.

We have a lot of milkweed on our land (we call it the farm although it’s really more about raising Black Angus) in NE OK. Definitely in the migratory path and see quite a few Monarchs around. I think I’ll put some in around the house here in Tulsa as well.

I have secretly planted milkweed in a couple of places where it might not be appreciated by humans but I remember all the butterflys that were around our cabin when I was growing up. I was surprised to discover there are other species of butterflys. Let’s bring 'em back!