It's probably time for my cat to die, and I'm really sad

My Stacy kitty is probably dying. For the past year or so, she would occasionally have a really slow couple of days where she seemed to be going downhill, but after a while she came around and seemed a little better. Obviously, she’s slowed down a lot and isn’t quite the same kitty as she used to be, but this time just feels different. She had been refusing dry food (ate nothing for about 36 hours), so I switched her to canned with some calorie supplement on top of that, and I’m actually sticking a plate in her face 3-4 times a day to make sure she eats, but it’s never more than a couple of teaspoons at a time. She’s been working on the same can of food since Friday, if that tells you anything. She is still urinating, but hasn’t pooped in three days, so things obviously aren’t being processed correctly. It seems as though her hearing is going/gone, because she doesn’t wake up until I touch her now. Years ago, she was FAT – like 12 pounds, but now she looks like she’s a victim of starvation and probably doesn’t even weigh five pounds. Occasionally,she’ll stumble a bit just walking across the floor, like her legs are too weak to move correctly, but she did get outside and sit in the sun yesterday.

I’ve considered having bloodwork done to see just how bad things are, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. She’s always been a hard stick; in the past, previous vets have had to try all four legs plus both jugulars to get enough blood to test, and I don’t want to put her through that kind of stress at this point. I’m really coming to grips with the fact that this may be It for her. It’s about a month shy of her birthday, and part of me wants to see if she can make it that long, but the other part says that I shouldn’t make her suffer any longer.

The last time we had to put a cat down, it was under much different circumstances. Zoe was acutely ill and we had spent quite a bit of money on diagnostics with no real answers forthcoming. I was pregnant, my brother had been dead for less than a month, and we’d just gotten home from a cruise. We had exhausted our reasonable financial capabilities and just had to sort of throw in the towel. It was sudden and unexpected – with all of the upheaval around the house, we hadn’t noticed that her health was so bad until the day before. I was alone at the specialty clinic with her, sitting on the floor in the lobby, sobbing over the decision. I made my husband come up there so he could see her again, and we decided that she had to go. VERY traumatic for both of us. We felt really guilty for not seeing her symptoms beforehand, and it was the second unexpected death in a very short time frame for us.

With Stacy, we’re at least a little more prepared. We know she’s old, we know she has issues, we know she’s not long for this world. Now it’s just up to us to figure out if we’re going to let her go on her own, or just help her out a little bit one last time. Just not sure.

It’s such a terrible decision to have to make, isn’t it? I’m sorry. hug

that is a tough one.

i had one pass on her own at home. one i spoiled like crazy for a week and then had the vet do a house call. one i took to the vet’s, that was a tough one she was only 7 years old.

it is difficult no matter how it goes. does your vet do house calls? with nod i had the house call because she did not do well going to the vets.

Having a pet put down is one of the hardest things for an owner to do. Not that one owns a cat exactly. I’m sorry you are going through this.

I did that, too. I couldn’t bear the thought of knowing that my cat’s final moments were moments of terror (which a vet visit usually was for her). Instead, she drifted off peacefully on her favorite blanket on the couch - one of the best, and definitely the hardest, decisions I ever made.

I’m sorry you’re going through this, it’s never easy. Cats will usually tell you when it’s time, it’s just our job to make sure we’re listening. If I had to guess, based on your description, it’s probably time.

I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. You know her the best, and I’m sure you’ll be able to make the right decision when it comes time, which will certainly be too soon. You have a sense of if she’s just under the weather a bit or if this is really her last decline, and time to end it before it gets too hard for her.

My wife and I had to make this decision about her cat last year and it was very difficult, but we both knew what the right decision was, and I’m still confident we made the right one by letting her go when we did. Like yours, ours had some bad times in her last year, usually precipitated by stress, but she always bounced back after a few days. The last time she just never got better, and every day was a little bit worse. My wife contacted her original owners to let them know she’d passed, and it turns out they’d gotten her as a kitten in 1989, so she was 21.

Give as much love as you can to Stacy now, and let her go when you know it’s right.

So hard to let go of the critters we love, isn’t it?
It’s wonderful that Stacy has had a long life with a family that loves her and has cared for her.

You will both be in my thoughts!

I’m so sorry.

My husband’s vote is to just leave her be, but it just doesn’t sit right with me. I made an appointment for her on Saturday morning, because I don’t have to work that day. Dying of old age isn’t always pleasant or easy and I would prefer that she just drift of without pain.

If you can afford a bit more money and perhaps taking an afternoon off I would highly suggest having the vet do a home visit. For us it was something like 60 dollars to go to the vet vs 120 to have the vet come to the house. You will likely have to call around to find a vet that will do a home visit.

We put our 17yo cat to sleep not so long ago. It wasn’t any specific disease but old age where each day was a just a bit worse than the previous day. Making that decision and going through with it was WAY WAY up there on the it sucks scale. My condolences. If you decide to do the at home thing let us know and I can give a few pointers.

Gotta go, something in my eyes again…

The problem with trying to do it at home is that she has always had “bad veins” and been hard to draw blood from - even almost ten years ago. Due to her condition, she will most likely be sedated with gas anesthetic and have the solution injected into her heart. My vet can’t exactly bring the anesthetic machine on a home call.

If she’s suffering, it’s best to put her down now, as sad as that may be.

I think you’ve made a good decision.

I’m sorry. :frowning:

Kitty has gained a reprieve. She’s at least stabilized, if not actually getting better these days. So I thought I’d give her the weekend and then re-evaluate. And honestly I don’t know if I want my employer to do it! We had a cat euthanasia yesterday at the clinic and it … didn’t go well to say the least. She used some gas anesthetic to get the cat to “calm down” and then he had basically no blood pressure, so getting a good vein was darn near impossible. It was not fun to say the least.

She enjoyed some time in the sun over the weekend, and then really took a nose-dive for the worst. She wouldn’t eat even the smelliest most delicious food, could barely walk, and was starting to hide. So I took her in today and had her put to sleep. I chose a spot in the back yard yesterday, so I got the grave ready. I also made a clay pawprint ornament and then used some high-quality ink to get some paw prints on paper. I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but could never decide what I wanted. This feels right. I’ll have it done the first weekend in May, which is just after my birthday and as close to her 19th birthday as I can remember (since I just don’t remember the exact date).

RIP Stacy. You were a good girl for your almost 19 years. You will be missed.

May you Someday meet in peace at the Rainbow Bridge.


Sorry to hear that. Glad kitty had a good weekend in the sun. Nothing happier than a kitty in the sun. Had to have our 17 yo cat put to sleep last summer. And will likely do so soon with our 17 yo Shitz Zhu. And both were/are rough because its not “dieing soon” but “each day is a just a tiny bit worse than the last and when do we call it?”

Oh, and a rather morbid but hopefully helpful suggestion for someone else going through this. Dig the grave before you put the pet to sleep.

Again, my condolences AV.

I’m sorry Avarie. ~hugs~ Stacy was lucky to have you as her caretaker. I hope you’ll be ok.

I am going through the same thing. My 18 year old cat, Baby has advanced kidney disease. She’s at the end of her days and I’m having a hard time coming to terms with this.