It's quiet out there.......too quiet.

It was supposed to be a stree-free morning. Graduation was last night, and all I had to do was get three signatures on my check-out sheet, remind them that I keep my keys over the summer, and go home. So I slept in, tehn upon awakening meandered into the living room to check my email. Dead silence in the room. Not a whisper of air moving, which was bad, because that meant the power supply fan on the computer had failed overnight! :eek:

A qick touch of the back of the computer confirmed it. Hot enough to fry eggs. But the computer was still on, and I could access stuff. A quick shutdown later, I was soon elbows-deep in the guts of the beast. No wonder the fan failed…that box had more dust in it than I would have thought possible. It took an entire can of air to blast the insides clean.

1 hour and $15 later, the new fan is installed, roaring to life like a turbine when I hit the power button. Such a sweet sound. You never miss it until it’s gone. So let that be a lesson to everybody. Clean your machine regularly. You may not think dust can get in there that easily, but it can.

No kidding. You’d think we lived in the f’in dustbowl of the midwest with the way dirt and dust get in here. This city is the dustiest place I’ve ever seen. I’ve given up. It’s not worth it!

My Dell had an air intake just behind the front panel (see the black cut out on the side of the E520 here.)
Anyway, I got a universal washable furnace air filter for the house, and took a small piece of the left over and built an intake filter for my desktop. Works like a champ.