It's Sani's 500 Post Party!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my 500th post. Wow, 500 posts since July. What can I say? I’ve certainly made great contributions to the board, especially in such forums as Great Debates. Oh yes, there’s no stopping my wonderful debating skills. snicker

OK, so maybe I can’t debate, and most of my posts have been in MPSIMS, but… Hey, look! Free beer!

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“All right. Have it your own way. Road to hell paved with unbought stuffed dogs. Not my fault.”

Way to go, Sani! I’ll take a bottle of that beer, but you should know better. Have a Coke, and if you behave yourself, I’ll let you have a sip of wine later on.

“I like toast.” :slight_smile:

Argh. This is what I get for winning “Youngest Male Poster”. I’m not the youngest, for God’s sake! I turn 17 in November! C’mon, who’s younger than me?

Sanibel, you’re a very sharp young man who has often reminded us, by your presence, that youth is not is wasted on the young.

Keep 'em coming!

Congrats and best wishes for continued posting. By the time you get to my age you will have rolled the post counter over a dozen times. Or maybe there will be a Post10K problem and you will bring down the message board! Nah! That’ll never happen!

Just a note that we are all envious of you for being one of the few posters who has met the lovely and lovelorn Michelle!

he sleeps on that pile/of newspapers/in the corner/and when he
takes off his/shoes you cannot/smell his breath
“king nicky”, archyology
Don Marquis

I’m only posting here to pad my own post count which will hit (or should anyway) 500 in just four more posts… and so that when I hit 500, you’ll congratulate me!

“Not everybody does it, but everybody should.”

Hey Sani! Is that beer I see over there? Well, then…let’s get this party started!

(Oh, and congrats, hon.)

Winner, SDMB’s Biggest Chat Addict

“Only two things that’ll soothe my soul - cold beer and remote control.”

(deafening silence)

I guess the title is well-deserved, my teenage friend. Have a chocolate milk and enjoy the party. If you’re well-behaved, we’ll let you sit in the front passenger seat next time. Don’t forget to wash behind your ears tonight and UncleBeer will tell you a bedtime story.

WooHoo, congrats Sani. May you make may more posts.

I have the sloe gin, who has some orange juice ?

" The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference."
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Oh no you don’t. I’m driving this thing.

Pile into the minivan, people! Where do you wanna go?

Sani, drink up! You’ve hit 500! Time for you to be a man! Yeah, it burns, don’t it?

I sold my soul to Satan for a dollar. I got it in the mail.

Way to go Sandy! You rock like a hurricane, rule with a yardstick, and I hope you’re felling better than James Brown!

Yer pal,

:::Cristi whirls in from Cher3’s 500 post party, still tossing confetti, still blowing noisemakers, and still doing the funky chicken:::

Congrats Sanibel! Woohoo! Woohoo!

:::Cristi whilrls out, wondering when she’ll throw up because of all the whirling:::

Changing my sig, because Wally said to, and I really like Wally, and I’ll do anything he says, anytime he says to.

Yay for Sani! You need to post more. I like your stuff.

I concur Sani you make my totem pole, and you’re 10 lbs of funky in a 5 lb bag!

Voted Biggest Smartass by all you beautiful people!

You always use violence. I should’ve ordered glutinous rice chicken.

Duuuuude! Put’er there pal!

::Pop!:: FFFzzzzzzzzz…

Here, have some of this Non-Alcoholic Champers!

I’ll be damned if I’ll get caught contributing to the delinquency of a minor!


“Rudyard Kipling?”

“Don’t know; I’ve never Kippled!”