It's Saturday - of course the toilets overflow

There’s a rule somewhere that problems always happen late at night or weekends.

Washed a load of laundry early this Sat morning. Water backed up into all the toilets and sinks.

Just for more fun, somebody flushed. :eek: It’ll take a few days for the carpet to dry.
Water came out the shower drain and right into the bedroom. We got most of it mopped up.

Classic signs of a stopped up sewer line in the yard. Time again for Roto Rooter. We had it done back in 2002. Damn tree roots. :smack:

Did I mention it’s Saturday? They charge double weekends. So, we’re scheduled Monday. We’ll be visiting bathrooms at the local 7-11 this weekend or maybe a quick tinkle in the backyard azaleas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope your weekend flows more smoothly then mine. :wink:

At least it was water! :smiley:

That’s true. :wink:

The backed up Water has finally drained from the sinks and the toilets. At least there’s a little drainage out to the street. It was all that water from the washer that filled all the pipes. I think we’ll be able to at least run water in a sink ok. That’ll do until Monday when Roto Rooter saves the day.

“The plumbers are demanding to be paid 75 bucks an hour!”

“That’s a lot of money for remembering that water runs downhill!”

“It ain’t all water!”

Of course you want to make sure whoever does it uses a Hydro-Jet instead of a regular auger. That way the full size of the pipe will be restored instead of just a hole and the job will last much longer.

I’ll ask them about the Hydro-jet.

I’ve also heard about a liner system that can be pulled through the pipe without digging it up. I’m not sure if it’s available in my area year or not.
I may eventually get that done. My line dates back to the 1950’s and it’s the third rooter I’ve had to do since buying in 89. I’m sure previous owners had it done a few times too.

Our house was built in 1931; no idea about the main line. We’ve had it cut through twice now, and we bought the house in 2002. Report back on the liner, if you remember.

Is there anything we could dump down there that’ll help retard root growth?

the relining thing is pretty neat. i looked into it, one cool thing is that you get your pipe scoped! they scope it to give you an estimate to fix/line the pipe.

when i did mine i had roots in 2 places and a collapsed trap. to fix the trap was about 5 thousand, to fix the trap and line the pipe was 10 thousand, and they would guarentee the reline for 25 years.

the scoping and estimat were free. worth looking into.

good luck!

oh! there is this new nifty back up thingy they can put into the pipe so if there is a clog it won’t back up into your basement/sink/toilet. it is a bigish box that has a rubber flap, if there is a clog and the h2o starts to flow back in the pipe the rubber flap closes off the pipe and stops the water. the biggy box holds the icky water until it can slowly drain out. the flap then releases. it really looked nifty! saw it installed on a house on “holmes inspection”.