It's snowing in LA county!

Well, ok, not really. But check this out. The ash from these fires is actually coming down here in Pasadena, and it looks just like a light snow fall. Makes me homesick for good old New England. Of course, snow melts in your mouth, and isn’t all that bad for your respiratory system, but other than that…

I’m not sure if that first link requires registration. If it does, you can try CNN.

okay, if the ashes reach me here in South Coast, then I will assume that the IE has burned to the ground. My boss lives in Montclair (i think) and she had to deal with the pseudo-snow, the traffic on the way here and then serious fog in OC!

I live in Upland and it kinda freaked me out this morning when I woke up and everything was red and white. (front the smoke and ash). Apparently the fire is only a few miles away. Wee!