It's Snowing In Las Vegas Right Now!

Go away snow! Boo! Don’t like you!
Go back east, Chicago or New York, or go up to Canada, or to Berlin…they like snow and own things like gloves and boots and chains for their tires.

We’re a peaceful folk who appreciates sun and warmth here in Las Vegas.

Go away now; what sticks to the ground in Vegas shouldn’t necessarily stay in Vegas.
…DMark scurries to find a jacket or something…

I’m dancing now, but if it still doing that shit this weekend I’m gonna be pissed!

How often does it snow in Vegas?

I’m asking because it snows so infrequently in Alabama that people celebrate when it does, so I thought your post was kind of funny.

Vox Imperatoris

Just a little more often than it snows in Hell, but less often than winning a jackpot on a slot.

Did you bet on whether or not it was going to snow there today? That’d be something to brag about.

Let’s build a snow man!!! La la la la!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I laughed too early. It’s snowing here now. :frowning:

I fucking hate snow.

Ain’t karma a bitch?
Snow is that wet, heavy stuff.
Our favorite tree in the backyard broke a main branch from the weight of the snow.

Took me 35 minutes to get home from work today…not bad you say? Normally takes me 7 minutes, tops.

Last reports are that it might snow all night, that roads out of Las Vegas are all blocked, airport closed…yep, whoever is in Vegas is most certainly staying in Vegas tonight, whether they wanted to or not.

Well, there are worse places to be stuck.

They’re calling for three to six inches in the city. I want to see pictures of the Strip covered in snow!