It's Swords-And-Sandals Epic Time! Woohoo!

This is why I really, really like Easter. The movies. The huge, sweeping epic Victor Mature classics. I cannot get enough. From the good ones like The Ten Commandments to the crappy tripe like The Silver Chalice, I love them.

Whatever your take on Easter, be it Christian, Pagan, or nothing at all, you’ve gotta admit, the movies truly kick butt. :smiley:

I sat there taping Ten Commandments last week with La Principessa, who gamely stuck out the whole 4 hour and 45 minute running time without falling asleep on the couch, but who asked me, with the introduction of every new plot development and character, “Now, is this in the Bible?”

No, dear, a lot of this isn’t in the Bible.

[Still think Yul Brynner rocks. Is that evil of me, to lust after someone who not only has been dead for years, but who didn’t look like that for very long in the first place?]


No! I’m Spartac…
<remembering never to annoy a mod>
Yes! He’s Spartacus!

We watched the Ten Commandments. I’d forgotten just how LONG it is. Awesome movie though.

I love all the Egyptian scenes!

After that, I lose interest.


I missed the Ten commandments?! I hate working weekends! I watch that every year.
I have no idea why I watch it, I just do. It’s almost captivating.
Like the Wizard of Oz which they show right around the begining of tornado season. Great timing guys.