It's the Amazon Kindle!

Oprah just gave away Amazon Kindles to everyone in the studio. Jeff Brazos is on the show. I wonder if he will announce the new Kindle 2?

This should kick sales up a notch.

There’s a Kindle 2 already? Didn’t Kindle 1 just come out this spring?

Kindle 1 came out just barely in time for last Christmas. We are hoping for a more advanced model sometime.

JB just said there is a special code at Oprah’s site for a $50 dicount for the next seven days.

that would make it just 300 ish dollars.

i do want a kindle. don’t think i can get one in the next 7 days though.

amazon should have a video of oprah to sell them. she really loves her kindle!

Sounds like they are getting rid of as much of the old Kindle stock before releasing the new ones. This is why I’ve waited to get one. Just wait until Christmas. I hear there are two new models.

here it is. and here for the gallery.

I was flipping channels when Bezos was on. I like that Oprah said don’t buy it if you can’t afford it. I guess she’s been listening to the news.

The notion of having textbooks in a Kindle is pretty neat. But if students didn’t carry those huge backpacks, how would we identify them as students?

I’m trying to warm to the Kindle, but from abecedarian until present day, I’ve never desired a book whose pages would go blank if I neglected to charge its battery.

As I understand the e-ink technology they use, it won’t go blank if you neglect to charge the battery. My understanding was that it uses a charge to change the display but whatever is on the screen will stay there indefinitely.