It's the Batcomputer!

Don’t really like the red shade of the case, though.

Very cool, yes, but why red?

As a guess, copyright?

Where is the reel to reel? Why not das blinkenlights? Howsacum it is not taller and wider then Batman himself?

That looks kick-ass. But, couldn’t they have done silver instead of red? Or even a shiny gray (or is it grey? I can never remember…)?

Theatrical lighting folks have this for our Batcomputer - it’s a lighting control console that’s been nicknamed the ‘BatBoard.’ If I could run the BatBoard off the Batcomputer, I’d be the coolest lighting guy around (or possibly the dorkiest).

I suspect that the red maybe in homage to the batphone from the 1960’s Batman series. Although if I were to use the red, I’d go with a translucent red with lights rigged up to activate when the hard drive spins up. That would be pretty cool!