It's the CHRONIC!! what? -cles of of Narnia! (SNL skit)

Check it yo!

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Check it, yo.

“You can call us Aaron Burr for the way we’re droppin’ Hamiltons” is the single funniest line on SNL in years, imo.

Ahhhh crap…

No crap – your thread served a higher purpose. I watched it four times before showing my wife. Then we watched it four more times. I never would have ventured in to the SNL thread. My life is no longer hollow (except for that spot where I keep all of my guilt).

From what I understand part of the reason it may be so funny is that it was not written by the staff writers but by members of another sketch comedy troupe who sold it to SNL.

Not necessarily. Rather, they were a sketch comedy troupe (The Lonely Island) that joined SNL this season. They had three members: Andy Samberg joined the SNL cast, and the other two guys are now staff writers. Those three and Chris Parnell wrote the Narnia sketch together, without interference from Tina Fey and the regular staff writers.

And coming in at #2:
“Mr. Pibb plus Red Vines equals crazy delicious!”

Okay, that’s pretty damn funny. And they’re absolutely right about the Magnolia Bakery. It’s in the East Village near my best friend’s apartment, and the cupcakes are otherworldly.

It’s available for free on iTunes, too.

Oh cool. I only had part of the story. The Lonely Island had been hired to develop a skech show for Fox called “Awesometown”. Foxed passed and so they re-edited it to try to sell to Comedy Central who also passed.

I hadn’t heard that they had started working for SNL so I just assumed they sold the song to SNL.