It's the gravity wave discovery thread

So apparently scientists have found gravity waves and found direct evidence of cosmic inflation. I have a general question, but thought I’d post it here anticipating some discussion rather than in GQ.

So to get things started:

In the NY Times piece, linked above, we read the following:

I’m not sure how we go from discovering gravity waves/detecting evidence of cosmic inflation to having support of the multiverse, so am looking forward to some thoughts on that. And any other discussion that might ensue.

And is this as big of a deal as the Times is suggesting?

Threshold! Take us to the threshold!:smiley:

Seriously though, I’m not qualified to speak to the enormity of the subject, but I do find this stuff beyond fascinating.

I am not sure the confirmation of gravity waves is either mundane or pointless.

There’s a GQ thread started this morning, but it seems to have more traction that this one.

Closed at OP’s request to defer to the GQ thread.