It's the Great Minirants, Charlie Brown! (October minirants)

I couldn’t go in with her. I sat in the car outside the office. I could see the examining room from where I was parked, though.

A few weeks ago I tried to get some canned pumpkin for the Boondock Kittens who have chronic diarrhea. I went to every single grocery store in the county and none of them had a single can. I know I could have ordered some from Amazon, but my housemates decided it was time to take a stool sample to the vet to see what was up. Supposedly there’s medicine coming soon for them.

They have pumpkin at PetCo now, marketed for doggies & kitties (since it’s become such a well-known remedy) but at a hideous markup:!-supplement-for-cat-food

This is difficult to hand over your fur babies and not be able to be with them in the examination room. You can’t see in at our vets.

Our vet is allowing people in the office again (masks required). I still had to wait in my car until someone came and took us to our room, and I paid over the phone, but at least I was there with my fuzzbutt while strangers were doing unspeakable things to her.

Fun fact: the antibiotic makes Samantha drool. She had two long drool fangs hanging out of her mouth after I dosed her this afternoon. Her mood was not improved when I started laughing at her.

The drool is normal, apparently. The vet called to check on her today and when I mentioned it, she said it’s how Samantha is letting me know she hates the taste.

I HATE the song “Last Christmas” and I wish someone in my building was not blasting it right now :frowning:

Why is someone blasting a recording of Christmas songs anyway

@kayaker nailed it. I looked at the bottle and his dosage is 50 mg, and I believe the compounding is intended to lessen the bitter taste.

On the positive front, while his appetite doesn’t seem to have increased, he did take his meds in a pill pocket today. I opened a new one thinking maybe the old one had lost its stink. The new one is much smellier, and he gobbled things down.

Now the question is, how do I restink the ones in the old packet? These things ain’t cheap. Maybe I’ll try rolling them in his hairball gel. He loves the hairball gel.

Put the old ones in the new packet maybe?

This and seal it all in a thick ziploc or storage container to preserve the flavor and aroma.

I keep them in an OXO box that has an airtight seal. But I think I may have forgotten to put them away one night.

Will add the old to the new and shake them all up.

I sure hope you survive this experience! Be sure and check your slippers carefully, I’m sure she still has a nice runny, stinky poop left to deposit somewhere you won’t notice until you do.

A few weeks ago, I glanced out the window and noticed that a neighbor had what I thought was Christmas lights up and lit. I promptly wrote “4 dozen eggs” on our shopping list. Hubs noticed it and asked why we needed that many eggs, so I pointed at the lights. He told me that they were Halloween lights, so I added another dozen eggs to the list because while its way too early for Christmas lights, Halloween lights in September should be against the law.

Why is it that when we move into a new area, neighbors assume we are responsible for annoying stray dogs?

Early this morning a neighbor (caught on security cam photo) dropped off a GSD/Lab mix at our place, opening the gate and putting him in our fenced back yard. This is the same dog (with collar but no license tag) who has shown up here a couple times this year with his delinquent oversized Labradoodle buddy and had to be chased off.

When we moved into our Ohio home way back when, a couple of sour-faced women showed up at the front door with a large white dog of indeterminate parentage, demanding to know if it was ours and clearly disbelieving our assurance that we’d never seen the beast before.

Our dog does not run loose and we are not the ASPCA.


Sounds like it’s time to put a lock on your gate, Jackmannii.

My minirant is this:

My phone turned into a brick about two weeks ago. No amount of rebooting or factory resets did a damn thing, so I ordered a new phone. I wasn’t thrilled that the estimated delivery date was today, since I use my phone for my work’s two-factor authentication process and not having it is a pain in the butt, but not much I could do about it, so I went ahead with the purchase.

Haven’t heard a peep from them since, and with the delivery date listed as today, I did a chat with the Google Fi rep asking if I could find out what was going on with the shipment of my new phone. Basically they told me they didn’t know and had no way of finding out! WTF?

Google Fi used to have great service. Now it seems they can’t find their own asses with both hands. And I still don’t know when I’ll end up with the new phone.

Assuming Google Fi is Google Fiber, what do they have to do with delivery of your new phone?

My elderly cat just keeps screaming at me. Things like “Come upstairs! I’m all alone up here!” or “Wake up and pay attention to me!”

Not so much a rant as frustration. I need some tree work done on a 40 foot willow oak and my neighbor’s 50 foot water oak (hangs over my house, so my problem). I’ve had 3 arborists come by the last couple days and one coming this afternoon. And I’m getting very different recommendations from all of them. I don’t remember it being this difficult to decide the last time I did this 4 years ago.

They all agree that the willow oak in my front yard needs to be cleaned and trimmed out but they disagree on cutting it back over the wires that run from the street to my house. Which is a big concern to me since it’s 2020 and there will probably be an ice storm. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve always kept that trimmed back. They also disagree about whether to cut off any branches of the water oak since it is so tall. One said he wouldn’t bother at all with it since cutting it back at that height would harm the tree. And he was the one who sent me the highest quote that would just be working on the willow oak.

None of them want to do all the things I would like but they know better than I do. But which one knows best? Damn, I was just hoping to pick the middle bid and get it done.

Google Fi is Google’s wireless smartphone service. There are only certain phones that work with it, so I ordered the new phone from them. Not that they seem to know where it is …

More sick Kitty problem, our a Grey guy has had an ear infection for quite sometime. Three vet visits later, we think he’s fine. This am on the wall there were dark waxy pieces. We think he shook his head and these pieces went flying. Calling the vet for an appointment, they charge 20 bucks extra because of Covid19, unless we wait a week. WTF. So we called another vet . Took us right away.

Our orange kitty has had 4 bladder infections since everything went to shit. Twice he managed to do it late on Saturdays so he had to go to the emergency vet. He started frantically “digging” at fabric last night, so I called our vet who let me come in and pick up a round of Clavamox this morning.

I sure wish I knew what to do for him, its getting expensive and bladder infections are not comfortable.

There are prescription foods that prevent bladder problems. The food is pricey, but might be worth it.