It's the Manhattanal Equinox!

Astronomy Picture of the Day: A Manhattan Sunset

I just thought this was cool. All of y’all New York City Dopers paint yourselves blue and go dance naked in the streets or something.

I’ve generally seen this called “solar grid day.” It’s always a cool effect, unless you’re walking crosstown and trying to see something, in which case it’s a pain.


I’ve always enjoyed observing how my shadow stretches out parallel to the sidewalks at sunset and (one godawful year when I had to get up way too early for classes) at sunrise on the equinox. Kind of a geeky thing to get excited about, I guess, but it gives me a shiver to think what it would have been like for early humans to figure out that the Sun’s motion through the sky was regular and measurable and predictable.

And, because that’s the way life it is, it’s pretty damn gloomy here today.