It's The Saddam & George Show!

This really should be in Great Debates. :wink:

(oh if only!)

Can you imagine if these two actually did have a debate, and Jon Stewart was the moderator? :smiley: It would be the best SNL skit ever!

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

It’d just end up the same way it always does.

Saddam: “I can make the Iraqi people’s lives a misery, I’ve got a totalitarian regime!”

Bush: “Oh yeah? Well, I’ll see your totalitarian regime and raise you ten years of insfrastructure destroying sanctions!

Saddam: “Hah! You don’t scare me! I’m going to crush every last vestige of humanity out of our subjects!”

Bush: “Hardball, eh? How about I rain down 800 cruise missiles on Baghdad?”

Saddam: “Hah! I’ll convince them all to fight you anyway! It’ll be a bloody massacre!”

Small Iraqi Child: “Excuse me…”

Bush: “Shh. We’re debating world politics here”

Saddam: “Yeah, run along small child.”

Bush: “Nice shoes by the way.”

Saddam: “Cheers. They’re Italian.”

Saddam. Ramadan. Bush. Cheney. – Ten paces in Geneva.

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(I’m having a little trouble locating the original challenge, but I read the story posted to Google News. I wonder how serious this whole duel challenge actually was, but I do realize that until recently, it was perfectly normal and acceptable for people of all social classes to duel. Now it’s reserved for liquored-up morons in parking lots.)

The Saddam and George show

Ignoring the fact that George Bush declined Saddam Hussein’s challenge to a televised debate, Tim Dowling exclusively reveals what could have happened had they met

Tuesday February 25, 2003

Tony Blair, moderator: Welcome to the first televised debate between George W Bush and Saddam Hussein, live from United Nations headquarters in New York. We will begin with a brief opening statement from each of you.
Bush: First of all I would just like to welcome my evil friend to the UN, one of the great American institutions for the propulsion of freedom throughout the world.
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Now answer me the George Bush way.

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