It's the Scariest of Situations: And the Judgement is Love.

So this morning, like everymorning, I leave to come to school. I walk down to the car and realize I don’t have my keys. My wife the flibbertigibbet she is drove off with my keys before I knew they were missing. I must have left them in her car last night when we went out to dinner.
Knowing she is an intense person, and diligent driver i.e always paying attention to the road, or my driving, I knew she wouldn’t see them in the door pocket. So I got my spare key and proceeded to get in my truck and head to work, first class at 9 a.m it’s 7:00a.m right when I was leaving.
So I’m driving down the driveway and I see some head lights coming my way…then a hand dangling something. I see it’s Mrs.Phlosphr driving towards me dangling my keys out the window. I pull up next to her, jump out of my Avalanche and give her a big kiss. “…Thanks Honey, I was sure you wouldn’t see them untill well past Hartford…I love you…”
She returned the love and we parted and went our separate ways…Little did I know this was going to be a morning never to forget…

About 20 minutes into my drive I decide to call my wife and tell her how much I love her and how much I am happy to be married to her. She was a little depressed the past few days because her firm lost a deal for a large textbook job they were bidding on.
So she answers her cell phone and says, “Hi Baby! whats up…”
We talk for a few seconds and then I hear this terrible noise on the other end of the phone.

:eek: :frowning: :eek: :frowning:

Horrified! I immediately call back…nothing. I do this again and again…nothing. I’m on the highway going north. I know what direction my wife was heading and what highway she was on. it was 20 minutes away at best…I pull off in the median …FOR EMERGENCY AND AUTHORIZED VEHICLES ONLY

This was an emergency, I whip it around and speed off as fast as my avalanche would take me. 105 at most … People honking, Phlosphr weaving in and out of cars…all the time thinking…is she dead? What was that noise…why was she screaming like that…like she was … I don’t even want to write it, it hurts to think about it…

So I keep calling and keep calling and there is no answer. I’m driving up the road I think she is on…halfway to Hartford I encounter traffic. SHIT!!SHIT!!SHIT!! - I pull onto the breakdown lane and start heading up the line of traffic…

…is she…oh god no!.. - I see lights, I see police cars, and a man waving me off…an officer, yelling at me to stop…I pull up on the small hill, my truck is at quite an angle…I throw the emergency break on and dive out of my car…I can see my wifes car next to a mangle of two other cars. smoke and fire engines everywhere. A cop is coming towards me yelling, telling me to get back in my truck, he grabs me. I look directly into his eyes and say…“Let me go!! God Damn it! Thats my wifes car!!!” [pointing to the white jetta]
He walks me over around a fire truck and I see her. Not a scratch on her, she’s in tears with two other people standing next to her.
I run over and grab her we embrace for what seemed like an eternity. I told her what I heard, and she iterated the entire scene as it happened.

Whilst we were on the phone a man three cars in front of her blew his tire, causing his car to heave up and to the side, the car directly behind him slammed into the back of his car. The woman in front of my wife slammed into that guy and my wife stopped a mere 5 feet from the back of the wreckage. 5 feet. 5 feet.

I did not realize at this time I was all teared up.

I’m still shaking…I escorted my wife home after her statement to the police…I am home now waiting for the coffee…I called an emergency TA to take care of my class this morning. My wifes on the phone with her firm…

I do not know what I would have done if she had been hurt, or worse yet…k.

I am having a hard time thinking about the probable consequences had things gone differently. I am very shaken. Love hurts. Love just is.

Opinions on how deep love goes in a relationship, personal accounts of it between spouses and SO’s is of special interest…

My love is unconditional and relentless for my wife. Today made me realize our own mortality. She mentioned wanting children sooner.


Why didn’t she answer the phone if she wasn’t dead?

When she braked so hard, it fell on the floor and broke.

Also, I count four moving violations (five, if using a cell phone while driving is illegal where you are).

You could’ve killed someone driving like that in your oversized pickup truck. That would have been ironic.


Philosphr, so glad your wife is okay.

I’m sorry. I reread the OP and I see that I missed the point completely. Love is grand and all that jazz. I guess it’s good that your wife is alive and you guys are shaken but happy.

I called my husband and told him I love him very much after reading your OP, Phlosphr.

I’m glad to hear your wife is OK.

You guess???

I was in the frame of mind that something terrible happened to the most cherished person in my life. Put yourself in my shoes. If you still feel indifferent, my condolences.

Phlosphr, I’ve always respected you in part because you seem to love and respect your wife so very much. Seems to me like you were the last person who needed a lesson in love.

At any rate, glad the lesson was just temporarily frightening and not devastating.

Thanks Juanita…It was terrible. She’s falling asleep right now with our cat. How odd that I play this scene over and over in my head. Everytime it gets more clear. …

isthatsowrong?, it’s clear Phlosphr won’t say it, but I have no problems telling you your replies to this thread are uncalled for.

You know that filter we all have that stops us from posting the inane thoughts that pop into our heads? Use it.

That is seriously scary. I’m glad she is ok! It is amazing how easy it is to take life for granted. I can’t even think about something happening to someone I love, but I know it happens to people every day.

Do you know if the other people in the accident were seriously hurt?

I don’t want to hijack the lovefest too much, but I have been in your shoes. In my case, my (then) future wife was seriously ill and was bedridden. I was talking to her on the phone and we got cut off. I called back and got no answer. I had every reason to believe that she had had an attack or died, because she was incapable of leaving her bed. I didn’t, however, drive like a maniac to see what had happened. I called the police and then started on my way, driving quickly but safely. They sent someone to check on her. Turns out the phone had broken. Weird coincidence, eh?

You should have called the police, who would have told you that there was an accident at that location. If you could wait on the line with the dispatcher while he or she checked with an officer on the scene, they probably also could have told you that your wife was okay. And you wouldn’t have had to risk other lives.

The man driving the car who hit the lead car was taken in an ambulance. The person in the car infront of my wifes was sitting on the guard-rail. I don’t believe they were hurt. My wife thankfully was just shaken.

Bloody hell, that’s the worst. I’ve often speculated about this scenario, and I’m sad to hear it has happened. Glad she’s OK.

BTW, despite our resident saint in this thread, I’d have done exactly what you did.

Ah, so who’s the real flibbertigibbet here… :wink:

isthatsowrong - I understand I should not have driven like a maniac, and I do see how one could get that impression. However, I was in control and I did not think to call the police. I simply could not get my wife out of my mind.

And I asked for other situations or stories, so you are not hijacking anything. Thank you for the anecdote.

Phlosphr, I am so with you on this. So glad everyone is alright.

I just got engaged, after a lifetime of bachelorhood, and it is starting to hit me that I have so much more to lose now. I know exactly what must have been going through your mind during the race down the highway. Go kiss your wife, tell her that you love her, and remeber how blessed you are to have each other.

isthatsowrong, I applaud you for your ability to remain rational and think things through in such a scary situation.

But I can tell you that I wouldn’t have had that ability in the same situation, and it seems to me like others here feel the same way.

Besides, think about it from the point of view Phlosphr’s wife–she was probably freaked out beyond belief and incredibly relieved when he showed up. I know that if I were she–well, hell, if I were me (and whaddaya know–I am me!)–I’d want nothing more in such a situation than to have my husband there to put his arms around me as soon as possible.

If instead he said, “Well, I called the cops, and they said you were OK, so I went on to work,” I’d kick him in the tooth.

I think several readers will be calling their SOs after reading this. Glad things turned out reasonably well, Phlosphr!

Glad your wife is OK. That shit can be scary. My husband had a tree fall on his car on the way to work one day. He figured since it didn’t kill him, it was probably a good day to go to work. Then he called me and told me. I still can’t get past the fact he went to work.