It's the story of a man named Vito ...

Tonight I get to change the lives of 3 people who have never seen The Godfather.

In honor of this, I composed the following, to the tune of The Brady Bunch theme song (mostly):

It’s the story
of a man named Vito,
who was boss of a very scary crew.

But his son Sonny,
born Santino,
has some rage issues.

Next son Fredo
is a bit of a nebbish.
Sister Connie had poor taste in men.

So it’s up to Michael
and orphan Tom Hagen
to make things work out in the end.

The Godfather!
The Godfather!
There’s a part one and a part two and that’s all!

I liked the book when I was little, but the movies, not so much. But I did like the book so much I tried another one of Puzo’s called Fools Die. And I love, love that book. LOVE that book. Want THAT one made into a movie, please!

I like the movie of* The Sicilian.*

It insists upon itself.

There is no way a retard could have done all that.

My grandfather’s name was Vito. He was 1st generation Italian-American, and grew up in New York. He had a couple of joke “I’m in the mafia” magnets on the fridge, but we weren’t allowed to ask him about it. Ever. Seriously.

I also had an Uncle Junior. (Technically he was my mom’s great-uncle, but everyone just called him “uncle.”)


Googling this gets me lots of strange hits, but nothing to help me understand its place here. :confused:

FWIW, everyone loved the movie, and we’re now planning for when to watch part 2, which we all decided will not happen on a weeknight. :slight_smile:

Oops, sorry for the confusion. That was supposed to be posted in the thread about audience comments that could easily be associated with a particular movie.