It's time to quit, again

I agree you have to really be ready to quit or you’re never going to do it. I’ve got the problem of not wanting to quit, but just wanting to smoke less, which, as TennHippie noted, is really impossible. I just can’t seem to find the motivation to give them up completely.

Last time I quit, I was able to do so only because my asshole roommate, who was also trying to quit (and failing miserably), made a comment about how she KNEW I’d be smoking again before she was. I basically quit just to spite her. And it worked … for awhile (14 months!) anyway. I think sometimes you’re in more danger after you’ve been off the cigs for a long time because you start to forget all the bad things about smoking, and get nostalgic for the things you liked about it. But maybe that’s just me.

Brian, and others who’ve tried Zyban, what about the alcohol factor? Whenever I go for a few days without smoking I backslide after a pint or two. Does Zyban help cut down the urge even then?

sly, I quit once cold turkey for six months, once with the patch for three years and after spending Friday night hacking my brains out, I’ve quit cold turkey again.

I’m up to four days now.

I limit my drinking when I’m trying to quit. Anything beyond a two-beer buzz and I’m out there smokin’ with the bad boys. Even with the patch, if I had more than a minimal buzz I was gone.

It should be easy for me. I immediately feel the negative effects: headache, sinus block, coughing up gunk…

Paints a real pretty picture, don’t it?

Love and good luck, Canthearya with the minty-fresh breath

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PurpleCrackwhore: To give up sex, I suggest constant intake of butterscotch candies. Between the weight gain and the rotting teeth, I bet the offers of sex just kinda fade away.

To give up MPSIMS…well, I dunno. Not meditation. It’s very similar to some forms of meditation, in that some posts are just repetitive, mindless syllables: mundane, pointless mantras, if you will.

Damn, and I am alergic to butterscotch! Can’t even wear the color. Guess I will have to just suffer with the sex addiction.

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

Ruadh… with the zyban and a couple of beers (not recommended… Zyban is an anti-depressant)(ok…so I’ve done it…)I notice only a slight increase in my smoking for the day… say 15 cigs for the day instead of 10.

Yes, I am a brat…and it’s hard work!!