It's true. Drivers with crunched-up cars get respect

I’ve been driving for 16 or 17 years now. I’ve never had a wreck and was a very good, defensive minded driver until a few weeks ago. That’s when I had my first wreck when someone wanted to turn right but couldn’t make up his mind. I was approaching from directly behind and saw what he was doing and bet on him making the turn. At the last moment, he stopped his truck and I hit the breaks, smashing my passenger quarter pannel on his bumper.

I’m getting a new car soon and don’t care to get the one I have fixed. So I’m riding around with a smashed up car and I’ve noticed something. When people see your car in such a state, they let you go first. This is very cool and I don’t care any more if I actually do hit someone’s car. It’s like liberty.

That’s exactly why we let you go first. We see your POS and realize that you’d have no problem ruining it more. I don’t want my beautiful car damaged, so I’d rather wait and let you go. I remember my first wreck too, it was the same way. My bumper was missing the plastic cover and slightly hanging down, and my headlight was hanging down as well. People stayed out of my way.

My friend drives an '87 Jeep Cherokee. Most of it is peeling dark gray in color, but the hood is white and the right front fender is Rust-Oleum brown primer. There are assorted patches of rust, dents, and duct tape throughout, and an orange “Biohazard” sticker on the back. People seem to get out of the way fast when they see that car coming.

-Andrew L

I’m going to try hitting the brakes next time.