itty bitty font

How do I get the small font? I did a search, and don’t see instructions in the vB code page…

Thenkyou in advance!

use sub and sup as the vB tags for subscript and superscript. It’s a roundabout way of getting a small font size.

As Matt noted. Be sure to turn it off if you use it in mid-post. The proper forms would be to type, without the spaces I’m inserting to keep them as text rather than coding, [ sub ] text I want in small type [ /sub ] – or use “sup” instead of “sub” – one subscripts and one superscripts the text. Using them together will make small type evenly lined up with the large type in Netscape but will keep it whichever code you start with in MSIE.

And you’d better see to that nasal congestion. This is flue season. :wink:


Thenk you all again :slight_smile: (It’s my Brit accent. sorry.)

[sub]lets try this…[/sub]

Hey, that works!

Toodle pip!

[sub]the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog[/sub]

[sub]i type therefor i am[/sub] and then [sup]i am the very modle of a modern major general[/sup] and just to get the hang of this [sub][sup]my nose[/sub][/sup]

Hope ya’ll dont mind if i try this out here

[sub] subscript[/sub] and [sup] superscript [/sup]

Well let’s see: using IE 5.5 I will use [sup][sub]subscript and superscript together.[/sub][/sup] Well, Bill seems to have licked that problem. But some people get rilly tiny type- how do they do it without html?

click on the “quote” icon (for “reply with quote”) underneath the post you are interested in. A reply window will appear with the post copied in and with the actual vB codes for the formatting.

Do it with this post. What’s the difference between these two lines?

[sub]The quality of mercy is not strained: it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath.[/sub]
[sup]The quality of mercy is not strained: it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath.[sup]

One is subscript, one is bolded subscript.

Hello, [sub]everybody![/sub]

I just wanted to see if that works or not.:cool

[sub]just trying this out[/sub]

[sub]hey,[/sub] [sup]way[/sup] [sub]cool/sub]!

[sub]ah,[/sub] [sup]piss[/sup]!

[sub]Now[/sub] [sup]to[/sup] [sub]have[/sub] [sup]my[/sup] [sub]coffee,[/sub] [sup]and[/sup] [sub]wake[/sub] [sup]up[/sup] [sub]enough[/sub] [sup]to[/sup] [sub]post![/sub]