iTunes killed my wifi

The most recent iTunes upgrade to 10.6 kills my wifi controller. After spending a few days thinking I just needed a new wifi card, including ordering a new card online, I tried a full system restore. Voila, wifi! However, now I am without a functioning iTunes since apparently the library was already converted to 10.16.
I have tried doing a completely fresh download of iTunes, but as soon as it was at last 90% of the download, the wifi controller was gone again. I did a few more variations of system restores etc…
I could leave the iTunes installed and just use the LAN cable, but, I have a laptop for a reason…

Any suggestions?
And yes, I have confirmed that my wifi access itself is good with my other wifi capable equipment.

Can you tell us what operating system and the make/model of your wifi controller?

I planned to include that in my op; clearly I failed!

Windows Vista and my controller is intel 5100, but when I go to the intel site, they say it is a generic one that they sold to Toshiba. When I go to Toshiba, they say the drivers are up to date. Round and round I go :frowning:

I think I am going to be brave and try and download the new iTunes again. If all else fails, I can do a system restore, AGAIN…

I can’t even get my head around how/why this particular bug would even occur.

There are a lot of problems with iTunes 10.6. I installed the upgrade last week and it would immediately crash when I opened it, so I had to Time Machine back to the previous version.

That is what makes me sad, when I time machine back, iTunes doesn’t work at all :frowning: I am almost out of podcasts and am sick of scrolling through the ones I’ve already listened too.

Oooh, it looks like my wifi is still working AND I have re-downloaded 10.6… This is promising!

The new version sucks donkey balls :frowning: I used to be able to start the copy of one show to my iPad and while it was still copying select a second and it would just queue them. Now if I touch anything during the copy it aborts and I have to start again.

/fwp (first world problem)
I need to PLAN instead of just toss things on that look appealing