iTunes/Napster release date/time?

One of my favorite singer/songwriters, Cheryl Wheeler, is releasing a new album on February 8th. I’m trying to find out a couple things…

One, will either of these services carry the album?
Two, what date/time do these show up on iTunes/Napster for purchase?
Three, are there any other places to buy albums that I’m not aware of?


Not sure about Napster, but iTunes Music Store always releases new stuff on Tuesdays.

As for other online music stores, there’s a long list of 'em – Wal-Mart, BuyMusic, EMusic, RealPlayer, MSN… whether any of them is worth anything is another matter. Apple claims that their iTMS has about 70% of the worldwide market, tho.

The CD just showed up at 11pm (CST) on iTunes. Woohoo!