iTunes questions

I got an iPod for Christmas and I’m still learning the basics.

Do all games work with my iPod Nano or are there only certain ones that will work? Does iTunes filter them out based on the hardware or is it a hit/miss kinda thing?

Only certain games will work. There are separate sections in the store for the different games.

How do I get to those sections? I can’t seem to find them! :confused:

Have you connected to the itunes store yet?

I just figured it out…I wasn’t in the right spot on the links to see the triangle for the drop-down menu.

Thanks for your help!

My pleasure. If you’re like me you’ll have more questions soon. I’ve had good advice here on the SDMB and also at ilounge.

Best of luck.

I recommend “iPod - the Missing Manual” by Biersdorfer and Pogue, but don’t recommend “The iPod & iTunes PocketGuide” by Breen.