Itzhak Perlman's performance at the Oscars...

…was brilliant.

Please tell me there’s some way I can get a recording of it? Anyone?

Lo and behold!

If you’re not already familiar with Pearlman, he’s not only a great violinist, but he’s a really neat guy, too. I’ve seen him interviewed on 60 Minutes or somesuch, and he’s as likeable a guy as you could ever hope to meet. I adore him.

Absolutely! And he has a great sense of humor, usually bubbling over with mirth. Considering the pain he experiences and his handicap, all the more remarkable.

Yes, I noticed he was sitting down. Traditionally, solo violinists stand up. What is his condition?

He had polio as a child.

You, sir and / or ma’am, rock the socks of the universe. Bless you forever. :smiley:

I got to see him perform here in Austin with the University of Texas student symphony orchestra (my mother-in-law got us 2nd row tickets, the best seats I’ve ever had for any concert in any genre). He was brilliant, of course, but it was very obvious that the students he was performing with weren’t simply in awe of a big star, they actually LOVED him.

He acted so down-to-earth, so non-chalant, so utterly UNLIKE the stereotypical classical prima donna.

I’ve seen Perlman perform live many times over the last 35 years (He’s one month older than I am). He brings so much of his life and experience and personality to the stage, rather than some others who just show up and perform and leave. And musically, he’s unquestionably the finest violinist of our generation.