I've been attacked by demons.

As you all remember, I live in a haunted house. The demons have now invaded my dreams.

It all started a few years ago, when I began dreaming of massive houses, much like my own, but horribly, horribly different. We would all play in the twisted, demented image of my home. It was strange, with criss-crossing stairs, hidden rooms, and secret passages. It was never really ‘scary’, but always quite creepy, in a Dr. Seuss animated-house type way.

A few weeks ago, I had a dream about this house. In reality, I live in the attic. In my dream, I lived in the attic, but I could open a small ‘gateway’ in the ceiling to ANOTHER attic. I went up there, and found evil. Pure, unadulterated, evil. Somehow I managed to contain this evil in the attic, but it kept trying to escape. Finally, with the help of my dad, we forced the evil into human form, and slaughtered it, and shoved it out a window. I was safe.

Then, a few days later, I had a dream about Christmas vacation. I was living in a strip-motel with a friend, as we had decided to stay here for Christmas break for some reason. She started talking strange, and left. As she was packing to leave, two guys from work came over. We got hungry and headed off to Taco Bell. (This next part only makes sense to people who know KC really well) It was snowing really hard. We were going east on 47 street, down that really, really steep hill, right before the plaza. That is odd, because the area is so classy there’s no strip ANYTHING for miles. As I turned south onto that one-way street (can’t remember the name), the front left wheel broke off the car, and we crashed into a light pole.

After we hit the lightpole, the cityscape morphed into a “BeetleJuice”-esque burned out, dark, deserted city. My house was sitting in a ditch, on a collapsed hill, right in front of us. We all went inside, where we found the interior to be somewhat trashed. The floor was slanted at a crazy angle, and the TV was on. We sat on the couch to watch TV for a while. Suddenly, Satan appeared and said I would have to pay for my sins. I ignored him.

The couch I was on slowly but surely slipped backwards into a gaping hole in the kitchen floor. I lept off the couch as it fell, but went down the hole also. Somehow, I knew I had to battle the demons to save the ones I love. So here I am, traipsing around in Hell, fighting off demons and trying to find my loved ones.

Somehow, throughout this whole ordeal, I know I’m supposed to be scared, but I’m not, just indignant, and confident.

Finally, I wake up. I’m laying with my arm over my eyes, on my back. It’s about 12 noon, and the sun is shining in my windows. Slowly, this black shadow envelops my vision. I yank my arm off of my face just in time to see the form flit into the dark recesses of my closet. I don’t like my closet anymore.


Have you, by any chance, been playing Diablo II recently?

Tim pay attention to your dreams.
What kind of car was it? Who was with you? Do you need to let anyone else know that they might be in danger?
Have you ever had precognitive dreams? Sometimes they get strange and jumbled but you have to pay attention to small details not the crazy stuff.
Now about the demons. Have you been avoiding something? Have you done something that is heavy on your mind?

Sorry, I take dreams seriously. If you have more e-mail me and I will give you an honest opinion.

Anyone else have any dreams they want figured out let me know. Sorry bout the highjack, but dreams can be very interesting and I love hearing about them.

Damn dude, you HAVE got to stop eating anchovies before going to bed. :smiley:

Umm, assuming you are serious: step 1- seek Pyschological couseling, and Step 2: get a good priest* to do a blessing/exorsism on the house.

Known as the “belt & suspenders” theory.

  • any powerful “good” religion you trust, and will do it, would be fine.

Somebody hasn’t been taking his Prozac!! :slight_smile:
Actually, try taking a night-time decongestant medicine. I used to have nightmares this bad (or worse) until my family doctor diagnosed that I had difficulty breathing at night. The decongestant cleared up my breathing problems, and POOF! No more nightmares.

Give it a try, Homer.

No, don’t do anything to shut down those dreams. They’re wonderful!

Rather, write them up and send 'em off to Wes Craven, George Romero, Sam Raimi, Clive Barker – heck, even Stephen King seems to be running out of material.

Don’t let those images die with you!

I don’t mean “die” in the literal sense, of course. <VEG - as we say on the one-lists)

I love my dreams. They’re so stunningly weird, and so terribly involved.

I remember everything about them, even the tiniest detail.

They don’t frighten me in the least, they’re just terribly creepy.


Thats freakin badass man. I never have interesting dreams.

Not bad, not bad at all…I sometimes wake up with bruises after my “fighting nasty evil things” dreams. Count yourself lucky–and draw a circle of salt water around your bed before you sleep. :smiley:

Tim, I have a book to recommend to you. It is so stunningly weird, it will only make your dreams more funky and wild: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. This book is kind of like…what if the Blair Witch Project happened inside your house, and large sections of it were written by ee cummings?

Nicotine patches give me the most horrific nightmares I’ve ever had…there’s a legal hallucinogen for you.

Ohhh, I want that book. It’s $30 onamazon.com though, so I don’t know about it yet. Is it good?

Oooh, Kyla, that’s damn creepy! I’ll have to stop by the Library.


…when i was little, i used to put my lego people armed with spears and guns facing in all directions around me so the demons couldn’t attack, the lego people would scare them off.

i really was a freaky kid. my grandfather, a Rabbi, was here this weekend for a funeral, my cousin passed away. I asked him what he had to say and he just smiled and said to make friends with them if they weren’t doing you any harm. Honestly, i think he was mocking me. Fun guy tho.

maybe you need to leave them notes around the house, they could be bored. Have them do your cleaning up and stuff. And if that works, let me know, i could use them over here as well. See if they have any cousins in Queens.