I've been experimenting with low sodium pizza.

I’ve been trying to limit my sodium intake for about a year now. One thing I really missed was pizza. Did a little digging online and there are several recipes out there. Concentrating on getting the sauce right first using no salt added tomato sauce and diced tomatoes. No salt in the spices and I was surprised to learn that white pizza cheeses are not super salty. No pepperoni or sausage obviously. Been using ground beef. I’ve been using canned mushrooms which have some salt but if I can get the sauce right I can try fresh ones.
For crusts I’ve been using pre-made Golden Home extra thin. Not salt free but fairly low. There are recipes for low sodium from scratch crusts but I’ve never attempted anything that starts with dough! I’m not really much of a cook even less a baker :slight_smile:

Anyone else tried this or have suggestions.

Golden Home crusts at Amazon. My Kroger carries them.

Pizza crust is pretty easy to make. A cup of warm water, a package of yeast, a Tablespoon of oil, a teaspoon of sugar. Then slowly add flour until it becomes a blob and knead, knead, knead.

Where is yeast normally located in a grocery store? Is it by the baking stuff? Yes, I know I could just ask someone working there. I hate doing that! :slight_smile:

Should be right next to the flour.

Most supermarkets and places like Trader Joe’s sell balls of refrigerated pizza dough for a couple of bucks. You just need to roll it out.

True, but then you can’t control the sodium content.

Obviously, you’d want to check the sodium content of the packaged ready-made pizza dough. It may already be low- or no salt.

I’ve been making low(er) sodium pizzas for eight years now. Here are some hints: Slice up whole shrooms from the produce section. The canned ones just can’t compare! Spice up your ground beef- add garlic, oregano, cayenne, onion, etc. Then cook gently before adding to the other toppings. Onions and bell peppers really help. Don’t swamp the pie with too much sauce.

As for the crust, mix one packet of yeast, a couple tablespoons of oil, and a bit of sugar plus about a cup of warm water in a bowl. I usually add in a bit of garlic powder and oregano- it makes the crust taste like something. Add in bread flour until you get a stiff dough. Knead for about five minutes. Let it sit 'til it doubles in size, knead a while longer, then let it rise again. The kneading is easily done with a mixer with dough hooks, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. I have a big Kitchen Aid mixer, but I usually use a hand mixer with dough hooks.

The secret to baking after you assemble it is oven heat. 425 F is a minimum. Keep a close watch on it the first few times, but 15-20 minutes is usual. You can use a cooky sheet or pizza pan with a shot of cooking spray on it, but DO NOT use an “Airbake” insulated pan unless you like semi-raw doughy crust.

Thank you, california jobcase !