I've been spamming the spammers...

and it seems to be working.

Through some sort of lack of attention on my part, I became signed up for mypoint.com. They are, in fact, the spawn of Satin. I have tried no less than 35 times to unsubscribe from them. I have written to their sponsers, stating that I will not buy their products because mypoints keeps spamming me. I have sent mypoints every sort of message you can imagine, ranging from polite requests, to calling them goat-fuckers that felch camels and eat possum turds, all to no avail.

So finally, I’ve set on the solution. I’ve been sending them EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE THEY, OR ANY OTHER SPAMMER SENDS ME. In quadruplacate, to boot. :smiley:

The volume of messages from them seems to be declining…

Tee hee!

Man I hope this works :mad:

must be silky smooth.

Mmmm…Silky, silky…

Ha ha ! This strategy might actually work ! I kept receiving emails from some HR website. I tried to unsubscribe but to no avail. Finally I sorted my trash bin and highlighted all the messages I had received. Then I clicked the reply button repeatedly for a few minutes. I got several emails from someone at the company complaining about “spamming” them ! The nerve ! I told the guy I was trying to make a point and to take my name off their list. Then I checked my outbox and realized I had sent them over 100 messages. I actually got a phone call from someone in their Customer Service Director to apologize. Havent received another email since !

The only problem is some spammers have a lot more spamming resources than you or I have so if someone thinks you’re acting smart, you might find your email disabled for good…

Let us know how you make out.

I own a couple of domain names, and recently got all this spam bounced back to people whose accounts were off-line, whatever. It turned out some fuckwad spammer had used my domain name as their reply-to when sending out their latest spam.

Fortunately my domain hoster - Easyspace - lets me specify alias redirects. So now any shit bouncing back to asdfsdfd@istaradomain.com will go straight back to the spammers! Yay me!

Another domain name I registered used to belong to someone else, so it gets loads of spam. So I have set everything@istara2domain.com to go to a hotmail account I specially created: spimmitydump@hotmail.com (was supposed to be spAmmitydump, but hotmail wouldn’t allow it). Then a couple of as-yet-unused aliases - eg istara@istara2domain.com - will come to me.

Once spimmity’s inbox gets full, Hotmail will bounce back to the spammer. Yay me x 2!!!

I myself tried this tactic last year. I constructed a text file of 999K filled repeatedly with the words “Fuck off spammer.” Because it’s less than a meg, it tends to slip under most mailserver file-size restrictions.

I opened a hotmail account: no_unsolicited@hotmail.com (if you want to utilise this, the password is available on request by email). I then constructed an ongoing mailing list of all the spams I received at any of my other accounts, and every day would bombard the list with 20 mails, each containing the 999K file.

Did it work?

Did it, fuck.

What I was forgetting is that the majority of those spam addresses are fake anyway, so the bounceback just came back to my hotmail account.

The only person I truly screwed over was some poor small business in Italy who made olive oil, who sent me a plaintive mailL: “Please no send big email no more”, and I ended up feeling a bit guilty.

Could be a whole line of band names.

Introducing Spawn of Satin!
Opening for The Flannel Fiend!
Immediately followed by The Denim Devil!

I had trouble with the Mother Of All Muslin, but I’m over it now.

How 'bout the old Moody Blues album “Knights in White Satan”?

That’s really strange, alice_in_wonderland that you had trouble with MyPoints, because I’ve never had trouble getting in contact with them. They’re usually pretty good about responding quickly.

I love MyPoints. I’ve been a member for years and have gotten several gift certificates from them (I have a $25 B&N card on my counter right now that I’m waiting to use). I hardly ever purchase anything through them (except with Office Depot), so I just slowly accumulate points until I can cash them in.

Oh the always respond quickly to tell me they’re going to take me off their list. They just never do.

I’m not sure how they would disable my e-mail at all - I’m hosted through the University which is pretty testy about spam e-mail. I imagine if they tried anything they would wind up with more problems than they started with.

I’m just referring to the idea that its probably easier for them to send you more email than you can send them, thus rendering your account essentially “useless” due to the volume of spam.

istara and jjimm - I like your style. I’ll have to try those methods if it every gets too far out of control. Filters seem to work reasonabley well for me so far.