I've bought a house - thanks to the SDMB!

Using information gained from this thread, my wife and I felt it was safe to buy this house.

It is great having this unbiased information resource. Hmmmm… Maybe a Toronto Dopefest at the new “Casa Skerrett” come summer! :slight_smile:

Stupid me read it as “mouse”. House makes more sense. Congratulations!

Hey, congratulations! :slight_smile: I hope you have a wonderful time in it - and it’s great that what you learned here helped you as well.

I didn’t co-sign anything, did I? Damned blackouts.

*holding Dropzones 401k in his hand
[evil laugh]
[/evil laugh]
looks at Dropzones 401k

damn. All those mind numbing drugs wasted for this?

sometimes crime dosen’t pay after all…