I've figured out why I don't really like Mythbusters.

That English guy who narrates it for the UK/Irish market is a prick. His voice and script put me off watching it. The length of advertisement breaks on that channel doesn’t help either.

I can’t watch the show because it’s got maybe 8 minutes of content and the rest is reviewing what we’ve seen or previewing what we’re going to see and then reviewing what we’ve seen before previewing what we’re going to see. Can’t handle it.

It’s a show that definitely needs to be watched on a TiVo/DVR.

I thought the British version had a female narrator?

Mythbusters has clearly run out of ideas, yet they’re still driving this show into the ground. Jamie always acts like he’d rather be feeding Adam to his pet lions, and the “MythTerns” are downright annoying. (On the bright side, Kari’s a Venom fan!)

Nope, definitely a boorish man.

I love the UK voiceover dude. His snarky remarks make the show IMO.

I like the show fine, but I really do wish the dude with the walrus mustache would remove that gigantic stick from his ass and crack a smile now and then. That shtick’s getting really old, and if it’s not a shtick, then it’s getting really old.

Wow, I like the British guy better than the US guy! I had only ever watched Mythbusters a couple times before I went to Europe, but I watched it regularly there. When I came back to the US this summer, I had nothing to do for six weeks, so I watched a lot of TV, and the US narrator guy really irks me. I wish there was a way to watch Mythbusters with the UK narrator in America.

I think the first season of Mythbusters in the UK was narrated by a woman. I saw one (obviously very early) episode narrated by a woman. Hated her.

This seems to be the SOP for American TV these days, and so not really an issue of the Mythbusters in particular. I would definitely much prefer the show (and all other shows which edit in the same way) if they spent all that wasted time showing how the construction is accomplished and so on. They have a full week’s worth of multiple camera’s footage so getting 30 interesting minutes to show is not a difficult task. The producers just choose not to.

I still enjoy the show though