I've finally entered the 21st century...

…and gotten broadband. Yes, I was still using dialup as of this morning; now we finally have a DSL line (and yes, I know DSL is considered the least of broadband options, but still…). We’d held out because of our money situation, but when our dialup ISP went down for 36 hours earlier this week, my wife decided hang the cost. Huge difference; YouTube is actually an option now instead of something I have to decide if I want to spend an hour downloading.

Oh, no. DSL isn’t even close to being the least of the broadband options.

Try Hughesnet. Moderate download speed, terrible upload speed, and when they think you’ve used too much of their precious bandwidth, they knock you back to dial-up speed for a day or so.

Or try Verizon. They have one of those “fair access” policies too. The base is around $50 a month. But when you download updates to your OS on both notebook and laptop computers, buy an album, and your son pulls a bunch of podcasts and plays some World of Warcraft, you suddenly end up with a $250 bill.

I’d love to be able to get DSL.

Also, a question: should I disable my connection when I’m not online, or leave it up?

disable? You mean like turn off your dsl modem? Doesn’t really matter as it’ll really only be costing you money for the electricity to run the modem, which will be minimum if it’s not actually doing anything (wouldn’t be surprised if it amounted to less than a dollar a month, though I honestly don’t know) so you may as well just leave it on

yea the data stream uses different bandwidths on the phone lines than phone calls do, unlike dialup modems, so you’re fine. And in case you ever get nostalgic for the old times, here you go.

oh wow, I used to have that exact same modem, too. I remember upgrading to it from 28.8k, it was like the happiest day of my life up to that point (and here I am awaiting the installation of a fiber optics 100mpbs line to my apt. Oh how times change)

The only reason I can think of to turn it off would be if you were worried about hackers.

A firewall is much more important now that your connection is always on. Make sure you at least have the built in one in Windows on, and, if your modem provides a Firewall option, look into enabling that, too.

Do that, and it’s perfectly fine to leave it on. Just remember that, if your connection seems messed up, turning it off for 15-30 seconds is first thing to try.

Oh, and make dadgomed sure that all your lines have those filters on them. You’ve probably already done it, since you’re online, but even put on on lines that aren’t being used if you can. I’ve known to people to have problems with that somehow.

Those noises were a big part of my life from 1990 until I got DSL in 2008. I still miss them sometimes.

Me too.

This weekend, I got my first cellphone.

Oh man… I know people who still have those. However, their phone exchange, which is the oldest in Ontario, is being upgraded, and maybe they’ll get high-speed. I know that in Bancroft, a town of 3500 about half an hour up the road, you can get 25-megabit-per-second fibre to the home. :slight_smile:

We have broadband and we like it just fine. it’s fast enough that we can watch netflix through our TV’s Video On Demand feature (It’s a Sony.)

It’s the best option for us because we have a land line and we don’t have cable.

Welcome to the world of broadband internet. Don’t get too wrapped up in You Tube (but do check out OK Go’s new video.) :wink: You might want to check out Hulu as well.